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Need help with making my first Scenario.

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Hey everyone. As you can all tell, I'm a new member to this site. Anyway, I just played a really great game of president forever in which Nixon, with Nelson Rockefeller as his vp, defeated Kennedy, with Humphrey as his. It was so fun that I figured that I may want to actually write my own scenario so that I can see how Nixon would have fared in 1964[ he won't die in 1963].

The probelm is, I have never made my own scenario before, and indeed, am not very good at modding in general. Thus, I was hoping all of you guys could answer some questions that I have.

1. What are some things that I should to do while making my scenario? Is there a FAQ around that has any "tips" for beginners, or that covers the basics?

2. What about map construction and adding population to states and the nation? Looks a bit complicated.

3. Finally, backstory. How did Nixon perform in his first term? I'm guessing that Cuba would still be red, but what about Vietnam and other matters of foreign policy? And what about civil rights? Everything is open to interpretation. However, I have already decided that there won't be any hints of a scandel during Nixon first term. Perhaps their will be some during the second, but I have not decided at this point.

So their you have it. I hope I have not asked you guys for anything to much, and i want to thank you for reading all that. Thanks in advance for your help. :)

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You seem to be mixing Nixon and Kennedy up a lot... and I think there's already a similar scenario on the website - "Kennedy Lives - 1964"...

No, in my scenario, Nixon wins the election in 1960 with Rockefeller as his VP. Kennedyhas no part in this. Sorry if I was not clear on that point.

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So, anyone have any advice? If you all don't I'll just use something else for my ideas. Thanks in advance.

1. There's no FAQ that I'm aware of (though I'm not much more than a rookie on this site myself) but the instructions on installing a scenario gives you some idea of what needs to be changed.

2. Electoral college vote only changes after a census, so I don't think population adjustment would be necessary.

3. Nixon would have been slower on civil rights and had a stronger hand in foreign policy. Too strong a hand maybe - does he get out of Cuban Missile Crisis without pressing the button? Then again, there's no Crisis without the Bay of Pigs, which Nixon might not have botched. I'd say the cultural tensions of the '60s come to a head a bit earlier without the utopia of Camelot, so maybe your alternate '64 issues look alot like '68's. But I'm just talking off the cuff now... :rolleyes:

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So, anyone have any advice? If you all don't I'll just use something else for my ideas. Thanks in advance.

Having made numerous scenarios myself. The best advice I can give you is that practie makes perfect. It is fun to tamper with some of the settings in the scenario files to see what they do. That way you can have more control in how the scenario works. If you have any particular questions, please feel free to PM me and I'll do what I can to be of service. :)

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