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As most of you know I am a high school teacher, I also am in charge of the school news paper, well faculty sponser. But we have conducted a poll on the elction in which of our 2209 students 2117 voted the results are a follows:

1654 for Kerry, 78%

323 for Bush, 15.25%

140 fo Other, 6.75

Interesting, at least this Ohio area seems to not be swing, or at least the students. :D

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That's very encouraging news to hear Swing. I am glad that young people can see beyond the pseudo-macho "Bring it on" appeal of the Bush administration.

On a personal note, I've always felt that young people nowadays tend to be more conservative in their high school years. I know I was. I believe that, in high school, the appeals of militarism, homophobia, fitting in, not wanting to seem like you have an opinion outside the mainstream, heavily influenced by the viewpoints or lack thereof on TV, and the fears the Right plays on can work very well with young high school students.

It's always a Catch-22 with young people and Conservatives: if they are liberal, they say, "Oh they're just young! They'll grow out of it!" If they are conservative they say "Ah ah!! You see! The young people are now on our side!" :lol:

You just can't win!

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They did a similar poll in NJ. Kerry won by a huge margin also.

About homophobia, being just out of college, I can tell you something interesting is happening with my generation, or at least the people I spoke to. My roomate, was very homophobic, he'd almost always verbally attack people(not in their company). However, when I asked him about Gay Marrige he said, "I don't care, as long as it keeps them away from me". While not an answer you'd hope the majority would give, the meat of the answer is what shoudl be looked at. A person totally against that type of lifestyle, yet doesn't care if they get married because it won't affect him at all.

Finally back to NJ. Kerry will win NJ.

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Exactly, the younger generation (mine, actually)

tends to be more liberal, more open to things like gay, etc.

Or anyway, that's what's happening in Canada, but I believe it's also a worldwide phenomenon. After all, in many non-democratic countries, it is the students who are the first to take the streets to ask for more democracy/freedom.

On a side note about Quebec. Here, the Left is usually associated with the separatist movement. The youth is more lefty, and the youth is also more separatist. Just wanted to point that interesting fact.

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