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West Wing 2010

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Democrats Candidates :


President Santos


Former Vice-President Hoynes


Former Vice-President Russell


Senator Triplehorn

Republicans Candidiates


Rev. Don Butler


Former Acting President Glenn Walken


Congressman Jeff Haffley


Former Governor Robert Ritchie


Governor Ray Sullivan

Any other Ideas for more Candidates would be helpfull and any idea for issues would be too

oh also does any one know where i can find a map of projection of new electoral vote count

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Something that could happen in this scenario is that, after Vinick's defeath, moderates and libertarians of the GOP lost almost all their power and many left the party and joined either the Democratic or the Libertarian (who would be stronger). Santos is a very popular POTUS, but very moderate too, and so some Democrats who were waiting for another Bartlet were disappointed, perhaps some joining the Green party.

About the candidates: Tripplehorn or another leftist could be the Green nominee, some moderate Republican (no one comes to my mind) could be the Libertarian candidate. Sullivan has to be the frontrunner of the GOP, and Haffley is not the speaker anymore, so he would not run. Baker could be one of the Democratic candidates as well.

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You should probably wait until the final four episodes have been shown. I think they will explain more of the politics, and perhaps introduce some characters who might be useful. For example, we still don't know who will be VP right now, and I assume they would be Santos' running mate in four years.

Also, we've had a couple of new characters introduced in the race for the new Speaker of the House. I also happen to think that Santos wouldn't have any serious challenger in four years. Russell will be trying to get back on track (remember that he had only served a few terms in Congress before becoming VP) and probably won't want another stab at the Presidency so soon, and I think Hoynes is finished.

Also, has Triplehorn featured since season 4? Perhaps if the winner of the Speakership race is someone who has less in common with Santos, he could be a challenger.

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I think Haffley and Sullivan are the only two Republicans of those shown likely to run in 2010. I seriously doubt any real challenge to President Santos except maybe from the conservative Dem likely to be Speaker. As for Santos ideology, he seems almost identical to Bartlett on the issues (the moderate progressive catholic: pro-life, pro-choice, and commited to social justice) but not as hardcore neoliberal as Bartlett was (an aspect of his being an economist no doubt).

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Wasn't Santos against gun control (although he supported ammunition control)? And he wasn't the "no restrictions for abortions" kind of guy (i'm not saying that in a depreciative way; i'm this kind of guy), even saying that life begins on conception, etc. Also, just for the fun, you could add Sam as candidate :D.

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Santos isn't moderate at all - very much to the left.

I don't know if I agree entirely. Flassus brought up some good points, but I would agree he is a VERY progressive Southerner (much more than Hoynes). I'd still view him as a moderate (or at least center-left).

As for the Green Party/Libertarian stuff, it'd be a cool scenario, I agree. The problem is that those parties virtually don't exist in the show. They aren't even described; the closest we get is Stackhouse, and he's just an independent. Plus, he drops out before the race even starts. Third parties just aren't around.

However, it's just speculation; we'll never see a 2010 election, sadly enough. So why not have fun with it?

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That governor of California, Tillman, could be a candidate too.

Oh, i just had an idea (looking to the picture of Triplehorn): why not create a scenario with the politicians of 24: Palmer, Keeler, Logan, Heller, the VP from season 2, etc. We don't know so much about their ideas, but it would be fun.

And, sure, Jack Bauer could run and kick the asses of everyone B)

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