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Alright, so here's the deal. I've decided to try to venture into a series of scenarios dealing with an alternate world. It would feature elections of several different nations, at perhaps several different times. It will probably take months to complete, but here's my basic idea. Ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated of course. And be warned, this story is a long one:

The alternate world starts out with a change in events on July 28th, 1932, when President Hoover ordered Federal troops to attack the Bonus Army. Instead of the overwhelming military victory by the US army that occured in real life though, Dwight Eisenhower (at the time a member of MacArthur's staff) led a group of officers that sided with the Bonus Army, thus causing a bloody two day battle in the Southeastern part of the nation's capital with Hoover declaring martial law.

An amnesty was signed between the Federal government and Eisenhower's rebel army, but tensions were still high. Four days later, Hoover moved to block supplies from getting into the Anacostia Flats by surrounding the area with reinforced Federal troops. This served to only create greater tension in the immediate area, and also around the nation which largely saw Hoover as becoming more dictatorial by the day and being more concerned about holding power than fixing the miserable state the economy was in.

Encouraged by FDR and Eisenhower, protests and a general strike occured all across the nation for the next six weeks demanding Hoover's resignation and the payment of the veterans, until on September 15th the National Guard opened fire on a march in New York City due to a misunderstood order passed down through the chain of command. Marches turned to riots, and Hoover extended the martial law order to include most of states east of the Mississippi and canceled the upcoming elections.

Outraged, FDR and Eisenhower called for a general revolt. Eisenhower's army ended the amnesty agreement and began marching for the White House with the intention of removing Hoover from office by force. Hoover order MacArthur to stop Eisenhower, but MacArthur disobeyed and had the Federal troops stand down and let Eisenhower seize the White House. Hoover was arrested and charged with treason, MacArthur was relieved of duties, and FDR was installed as interim President. He pledged to call new elections within the next year and tensions around the nation cooled.

However, after several months, FDR had not fufilled his promise to the army of veteran's benefits. Eugene Debs (who wasn't dead yet in this world) arranged for a meeting with Eisenhower. After the meeting, Debs emerged with a signed agreement known today as the Debs-Eisenhower Pact to start a second revolt the next day on February 17, 1933. Eisenhower apparently fell ill that night and died under mysterious circumstances the next morning. Most historians today believe it to be because of alcohol poisoning, which also coincides with many historians belief that Eisenhower was drunk when the Pact was signed. Nevertheless, Debs presented the signed agreement from Eisenhower to the army the next morning and the Socialist Revolt began.

By nightfall, Roosevelt had fled Washington for Hyde Park and Debs had seized control of the government and army and had proclaimed the Workers' Socialist States of America. FDR called Debs rule "illegal and illegitimate" and encouraged people and states to rise up against Debs.

Shocked and disgusted by the fact that a Socialist had seized power overnight and that FDR had failed to help solve the problems of farmers, the Great Plains, Rockies, West Coast states' and Texas' Governors agreed on February 23rd to succeed from the WSSA and form the Western Democratic Federation with it's capital in San Fransisco.

Similarly, the Southern states from Arkansas - Tennessee - North Carolina downward meet on the 26th and agreed to re-form the CSA, with it's capial in Atlanta. Roosevelt then led New England, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey to reclaim the name United States of America on the 28th declaring NYC their capital.

Debs, however, still maintained a firm control over the army and the Industrial Midwest. Debs and the WSSA would not recognize the newly formed nations and declared their intentions to reclaim the land of the rebel nations.

More to come, all that I have time for now...

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