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British Columbia - 1996

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A new scenario is now up:

"British Columbia - 1996" - British Columbia 1996, by CanadianTory

You can go to the Prime Minister Forever Updates/Scenarios page to download this scenario.

Please note: this is a third-party scenario - 80soft did not make this scenario.

The 80soft.com Team

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I liked very much.

Somehow I managed to screw up though.

I was the NDP, half way through I was on my way to a landslide, yet I only ended up with 27. :(

The game appears to be set up to favour a Liberal majority more than an NDP one, assuming that the player goals are realistic. I played first as the Liberals and then as the NDP against Easy Computers and won by a landslide both times.

The scenario is essentially a two sided contest with no strong third party. This makes it less interesting as a game. Perhaps merging the two smaller parties would help make it more interesting but purists would argue that they are not politically compatible.

6 weeks is probably about the right length of time for the scenario.

The endorsements section was a definate plus point for the scenario. Many scenario creaters do not bother much with this feature or they make the endorsement prize so minimal that it is not worth bothering with. If you are thinking about creating a scenario, follow this example. However, it should be made a bit tougher as it is easy to get all four endorsements.

Many scenarios set the Leadership, Experience and Integrity profiles to medium or high from the outset. This can result in a player just concentrating on these themes in their adverts and a scenario can be played out with issues playing virtually no part. This scenario sets them at a low profile, which is more challenging. However, until I have got to know a scenario, I prefer them to be set higher.

The adverts are far too cheap to produce and run in this scenario. Therefore sutleties of where and when to put out your ads become irrelevant. In comparison, as with most other scenarios, the cost of releasing speeches is very expensive. Given that the issue profiles of most are low or medium, speeches are just not worth doing even if you can afford them which you will be able to do.

The adverts dominate this scenario far too much and need to be made more expensive to force a player to consider targetting, footsoldiers and speeches.

I was apprehensive about making my criticisms as this is the first scenario to be posted by "Canadian Tory". (Which means he/she has posted one more scenario than me.) Other scenario creaters have revised their initial efforts and I think Canadian Tory should do likewise. I look forward to further offerings from this source. When I finally get around to posting my first scenario, I will give Canadian Tory the first chance to pick holes in it.

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