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Some ideas for P4e...


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Hello all! Just found this and love P4e and PM4e!

Here are some of my suggestions for President forever (an asterix denotes stuff that can transfer over to PM 4e):

*Media spinning:

Spys in the opponents campaign and negative ads should trigger scandals.

How about being able to choose how you spin the media? Such as press conferences, photo-ops, lawsuits, large-scale events, go on a news program, etc to respond to the scandal

During scandal responses, you should be able to choose how you respond to questions about the issue, with the more riskier and farther-from-the-truth answers costing you at the polls. Sucesses would go toward eradicating the scandals (or help you if its a good news story).

What the media says should not be just limited to a newspaper format, instead ti should become a breifing compiled by your campaign showing the media's reactions toward your actions. Headlines and the option to spin.

You should be able to use friendly media outlets to carry your message, spin for you, and do research for scandals. (ex: Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter for Bush, Al Franken and Moveon.org for Kerry, and Howard Stern for Libertarian candidates).

*Command Points

TV appearances and spinning should cost some CP's, since you must take time off campaigning to do them. They should cost 1 CP.

Spinning should cost 1 CP and its effectiveness should be based upon your performance in responding to the charges.

Appearing on a TV or radio interview should cost 1 CP. This is because you must spend time to prep and appear for the interview that you would otherwise spend campaigning. Also, the interview should also be location based. Sometimes the media will interview you wherever you are (live campaign coverage) or you'll have to go to them (Oprah in Chicago, Letterman in NYC, Leno in LA). Ehen your candidate has to travel for the interview, the game will let you know what state you have to be in and when if you agree to the interview.


Choose how you will barnstorm. Stump for a candidate for Governor, the Senate or House; circulate through crowds shaking hands, show up at grand openings for public infrastructure projects, visit factories

If both candidates from the two major parties are in a battleground state (or province), the media should generate some kind of article about it which would be spinnable.


The Presidential candidate should be able to stump for Senator, Governor, and Representative candidates. A good part of getting a mandate to govern as President includes good workings with Congress and the states. (this could be done off the PM4e ridings system, but affect your score, not whether or not you get elected)

Prominent Party members, Governors, Senators, and members of the House should be able to endorse their party's candidate. This would be based on your platform and work similarily to the organizational endorsements. Although you may have some prominent people from within your party all ready endorsing you.

*The parties:

The pull of major heavyweights in the party or infighting can impact your platform and chances for electability. Say something bad about the Clintons, and they may pull the rug out from under your Democrat base. Move too far to the right and John McCain will come out swinging. Move to what Zell Miller thinks is the far left and watch him speak at your oponent's convention.

Third parties should pick up conservative or liberal votes depending upon their base supporters and which party's candidate has been hit with a candidate. This is based off my notion that voters who bolt from a candidate during a scandal become undecided (but leaning left, right, or moderate). Moderates should have the bulk of their number going toward the opponent (undecided if both parties have active scandals), the right-leaners going toward rightist parties (Reform, Constitution, maybe libertarian depending on the issue), and leftist parties get the left-leaners (Greens, libertarians on some issues). However there is a good chance that the two major parties can get those voters back if they handle the scandal well.

*Organization endorsements:

Give the organizations a name. Such as the NEA (National education Association), NRA, etc.. An d have them align politically the way they do in real-life. Although the NRA would never endorse Kerry or the NEA Bush, they still and can try to woo them.

Add non-issue groups: such as lodges, unions, corporations, celebrities, heads of corporations, millionaires, retired generals (thinking Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf or MacArthur types here), think-tanks, universities, newspapers (editorials endorsing candidates). Since McCain-Fiengold, the funds will have to be limited but can provide a big state or nationwide momentum or footsoldier/crusader creation boost.

Link the issue or general momentum boosts from endorsements to specific areas or just certain states. If the New York Times endorses Kerry, then nation-wide Kerry momentum goes up (since it is read nationally). If the Eugene (Oregon) Register-Guard endorses him, then he'd only get a boost in Oregon, since that is a small newspaper, but a major city in Oregon. Celibrities effect national momentum, etc

Democrats and greens should have a big advantage in the celebrity and university endorsement departments, however the Republicans have as big of an advantage with veteran's groups and religious groups. And there are some exceptions to the rule...


Advertising should be broken into 3 categories: TV, radio, internet (campaign website, pop-up ads), and print (newspaper/magazine ads, handouts, posters, billboards). You should be able to run as many adds as you can afford of any type. TV ads would be the most expensive, print being the least. TV would reach the most, but the internet would be most cost-effective.


Specific things should come up as part of a scandal. If you try to find a scandal on Bush's integrity, it would come up as the "AWOL from the National Guard" issue. On Kerry, it would be the current Swift Boat Vets controversy (which could also hurt Bush!). On Experience, Bush would get tackled with "Federal spending highest ever" or on Kerry, the "Missed vote" fiasco (which could work against Bob Dole in '96).

You are also limited, like the policy speeches, to one scandal per topic, however, all the issues are open to research scandals upon. You'd be given a choice to research the specific issues for insight or to attack your opposition.

As indicated above, some scandals can also hurt you. If you push them too hard, you'll get the "Candidate X campaign too negative?" stories and the opposition may spin it to make like you're throwing mud during the spin media phase.

I know that these are quite detailed an a bit to read. However they would make excellent additions to an all ready great game.

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Thanks gop4e, here are some point by point observations (I haven't responded to all of them here because there are a lot, but they are all noted).

Media spinning:

Breaking down the spinning is a good idea, and I like it. (This also came up in another thread somewhere ...) As mentioned there, this can add to realism and strategy, and is noted.

Command points:

CPs for media interviews is a good idea.


I like the idea of a different news article if both candidates are in the same state - thanks.


This would be a major feature, but the PMF engine with some changes would allow for a simulation of simultaneous Congressional/Presidential elections. That might happen.


State-based endorsements are a great idea. My understanding is that endorsements of this sort tend to happen not in the general election, but pre-Convention. Endorsements of this sort are part of the PF+Primaries update, though.

Party infighting:

Another great idea.

Organization endorsements:

Organization names would be easy to implement feature, and is on the to-do list.


Giving names to the scandals would add to the realism, and is on the possible to-do list.


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Tony, later on in the game, you you create single state maps, and make the option to run for governor and senator?

I know it would be impossible to get done by the primaries, but sometime, could you try it?

That would be really cool, and add double the depth of the game....and you can create generic canidates for the races, we can just create them, since that would be ALOT of work

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I have a few more ideas for P4E

Candidate tracker: How many times has a candidate visited a partitular state over the course of the game

Losing Candidate Page: How bad did your candidate lose in comparison to other games played. Now we see how well the winners do, but not the other way around. It would be located after the election night coverage instead of the winning candidate page in its place.

and lastly,

RNC Funds & DNC Funds & Ind. Funds as a secondary source of funds for the candidate to use. A small amount from 10 Million to say 25 Million. With Conditions, if the candidate gets too far liberal or too conservative for their party's liking, Funds w/in the party becomes harder to get. Making the candidate walk a tight rope, dont alienate the base while capturing that important undecided voter's vote.

That is my ideas for now. Check back later for maybe one or two more from my mind to enrich the game a bit more.

Peace, Matthew

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Add the ability for Major Parties to take on the causes of the Ind. Party & other 3rd parties in secret talks & drop out of the race & back that candidate. Thus, causing changes in that party's platform to capture more votes. Also, add a scene with the candidates shaking hands w/ mega news blitz for that candidate as the other candidate can be a crusader for that candidate on his/her behalf.

That's all for now.


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I liked that comment. got me to thinking.....losing as an Indy (Wallace, Perot, etc.) but winning several states would almost feel like a win. (whereas losing as Clinton or Reagan would be a bona fide disaster!!)

does the "score" take into effect the starting electoral projection / popular support compared to the final tally??

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