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A Will to Lead: Why I Run

Roger Winchestor

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My name is Roger Rupert Winchestor and I am running for President. Although I am running under the Republican Party label, let it be known, as I said in my very first speech, that I am an Independent Republican and will always remain so.

Many of you have asked about my policies, my politics and what I would do if I were President and right now I'd like to take the opportunity to share that with you right now.

You see, I believe that America should be a place without party politics getting involved in everything. I believe in the spirit of the American people to overcome all obstacles and all endeavors. I believe in the forces of the free market, American ingenuity, the American work ethic, and the American spirit that makes us a great nation.

As President, I will be a leader, not of Republicans, and not of ideology, but of my country. I want to make an America not from the Left and not from the Right, but from the heart and soul of the Americna Republic. I want to be that leader.

I will not be a part of partisan party politics. My work, my decisions and my policies will all come from an Independent mindset. In other words, I will do what is best for America, regardless of which side it comes from or what lables one puts on it.

I believe that traditional American morals and traditional American values are not things of the past or a part of a legacy destined to be long-forgotten, but a core part of who we are, what our country is, and what binds us together as Americans.

Although this may come as a surprise to some people, I look forward to making bi-partisan work and bi-partisan initiatives passed in the Congress. Why, surely "SS Vegeta" is not someone that many would consider my political soulmate, yet, he has agreed on my bold "Israeli Accountability Act" designed to put America's interests first and foremost. That's the kind of America I want to create! An America where there is no party, no Democrats, no Republicans, just Americans working for the common good.

In closing, I want everyone to remember where I come from and what I believe in. Growing up in the great state of Georgia, I have come to understand what makes America great and what makes us great as a people. Keep in mind that as I may have an "R" next to my name, I will always have an "A" for American in my heart.

Thank you very much and God Bless America.

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All the people that are on Young's site are on this one as well and not all of them check Young's site everyday and even if they do, there is no chance that they will look for where my posts are.

It is only natural for a Presidential candidate to want to reach as many people as they can.

And I am certainly not flooding. Democraticalltheway has at least made the same number of posts regarding this as I have and your friend Dennis Kussinich is creating a lot more posts as well.

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Roger, this is what I was talking about.

It's fine for you try to get people to come over to youngs site,. and I thank you for that. However, please try and make that speech the last mention of your run for office on that site. I have told others who do the same, to stop as well.

Also, it was a good speech.

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