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The Cold War, circa 1960

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HRC and I already've agreed to kinda work on this together

the first puzzle to me was how to set up the Electoral College. China and India weigh far too much if we base it on population

so what I was thinking was basing it on the GNP of each region...

so, I'm guessing, the order would be: 1: the US, 2: W. Europe, 3: the Far East, then Russia, China, the Middle East, etc....

sound right?

can anyone find a statisitical breakdown anywheres?

or we could base it on natural resources, which would make winning the Oil Producing States key?

or, well, any ideas?

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we've been through all that and unfortunately I deleted my file to save memory a few months back

will break it down later.

basically it's not parties, per se, as systems. Capitalism vs. Communism and/or Democracy vs. Totalitarianism.

head to head, mano to mano, eagles v. bears ......

do a basic scenerio then we can expand with others to include more regional stuff, shift the key regions.......

Sven, (if you are reading this 80soft tony), deserves a free download of whatever game he wants.

*still too excited by the map to play sven's scenerio-soz*!

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I would set up the EC based on available military manpower. That still gives China & India an edge in the EC but it also discounts nations who have high populations of young & elderly people and if my memory serves me correctly the huge population boom in India began after British colonization ended in the late 1940s meaning they wouldn't have as significant an edge as they would if it was based off of population alone.

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Speaking of world scenarios... did you ever finish the Security Council thing Alex? It was the most interesting scenario I'd heard of, but I never saw a copy...

it's so close to done, it's ridiculous. i need to do descriptions for bush and blair, and put in the random events, or maybe do some specifically timed events... but thanks for reminding me...

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