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Constituency Editor - Beta


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Guest Christian

Having now used this tool quite a bit, may make a few pretty small suggestions, that would make me happier.

1. I would for example if I divide up a region, or a constituency is in the wrong place be able to move constituencies between regions and within them.

2. I would like to be able to insert the population in as you can using the notepad version.

3. If I creat a new constituency, I would prefer it if it allowed me to select which parties are to be automatically inserted, as in by way of checkbox for example rather than having to delete all the parties I don't want. Same with the candidate strength.

4. Have a system perhaps where if having entered all the individual % for each party, where if you have made some unoticed error as in giving a candidate 110% when you meant 10 as can happen when you are doing the boring task of entering the data, a warning will appear.

Just a few thoughts, that would slightly improve an already great programme.

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With me, it seems to takes quite alot of clicking to get it to let me edit the consticuency name... perhaps a function could be added in the consticuency menu? Or perhaps give the option of naming it when it's added?

update Jan 10/07:

Ok, I figured out what I was doing wrong with the clicking... but my suggestion on adding the function to the menus still stands.

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I've been using the Constituency Editor for the past few months, and I've had it on a couple of computers now without any problems.

But recently, on my laptop which is using XP Professional, I've run into a rather annoying problem with it. It seems that whenever I try to make edits to the ridings, it does not save the changes. No matter how many times I try, and how many permissions I change, it does not want to save any edits on riding names, numbers, candidate names, etc.

Now, the weird twist to this is that when I create a new ridings file by writing over an old riding file, it will save that change (meaning all riding names are changed to DefaultBritishColumbia, DefaultLiberalCandidate, etc.) but if you try to change it on from there, it won't save at all.

I'm not sure whether or not anyone else has had this issue, but it is a little bit of an inconvenience and I'd like to fix it. Does anyone have any ideas on whats happening, and how I can fix it?

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actually how do i use this, and it's purpose

I thought with it you could add or edit ridings, but apparently no.

I want to edit "greater London local elections 2006", when i click on it I get a screen with something that says - "31" with two things underneath, "//start date without primaries". and "//year numeric" having no idea what these do or create how would I use this and create or edit scenarios.

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