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Hey all,

The last pre-election episode of the West Wing will be shown on Sunday night. I was thinking that, if the authors of that scenario permit, I'd like to update it a bit.

If people can help out, I'd like to:

-Work out the support levels in each state. Bear in mind that California is considered Republican at the start of the campaign.

-Replace the election issues with the ones in the campaigns.

So can people suggest 18 election issues from Season 7?

I've got the season 7 episodes on my computer so I'll go through them looking for issues.

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I've started sifting through the 14 episodes so far.

Here are some I've come up with:

-Immigration (Vinick on the border)

-Nuclear Power

-Abortion (Vinick and Santos are the same, but other candidates would be different)

-Tax Cuts

-Intelligent Design

-Education (Santos' education plan)

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This is an interesting thread. Several months ago, I created a scenario on the West Wing 2006 election called "Santos Vs Vinick". It still uses the original issues. There are three potential Democratic candidates (Santos, Russell, and Hoynes) and two Republicans (Vinick and Rev. Butler). I was thinking of an updated version which would add Gov. Baker to the Democrat side and Glenallen Walken to the Republican side. (I set up Baker's issue views as a little more centrist than Russell or Santos (same as Hoynes in fact) and Walkens as the same as Dubya.

As far as electoral trends, I used the real world 2004 trneds, except that I changed California from a strong Dem state, to a leaning (50-45) Republican state. I also reduced the Republican lead in Texas. Other than that, I have left most things alone.

Most of the issues are the same. Nuclear energy became an issue on the show only as an "October Surprise"

I suppose the Khazakstan issue is part of "Military Intervention".

The other thing is Leo McGarry. How and when are the writeres going to write ion the death of actor John Spencer. I suspect it will be late enough in the campaign as to not require a diffeerent VP for Santos. (I already have Russell and Baker as posible alternate VPs)

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I set up Baker's issue views as a little more centrist than Russell or Santos (same as Hoynes in fact)

Baker is definitely cloer to Santos than Russell, Russell and Hoynes were the DLC types

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That's a photo from the season finale showing who won a big number of the states. It doesn't, however, divulge the winner.

but also look at this pic.


it would make sense to have the winner carry the coffin.

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CapA, you might want to bump that down a bit. On a 1024x768 screen you can see it at the bottom. Move it down something like another five lines :lol:

EDIT: Seems I fixed it :P

Eh, I moved it down anyway. Thanks!

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I think that Vinick was depicted as too liberal on the original West Wing scenario. For example, as pro-affirmative action, which he's not. And actually, i think that only on abortion he is really liberal.

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