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I am planning to redo all my President Forever scenarios with better maps, candidate pictrures and issue pictures. Please inform me of any changes you would like to see to them.

I haven't made a President Forever Scenario in some time but I plan to make one with a Trump/Ventura ticket against a list of Democrats, Republicans and Greens. Any ideas would be welcomed. Is there any good trump for President sites that you have seen?

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Found it! I'm almost done fitting the regional_variables file to it - I can give the states their 2008 populations and send it to you, if you like.

That should really, really be the offical 80soft PF map. Excellent map.

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Reform? Okay, I think Trump was a supporter in the past. The Reform party is pretty much dead and not even on the ballot in alot of states. I am leaning towards an Independent or Trump Party.

What states would Trump do exceptionaly well in?

Obviously New York and New Jersey! ANy more?

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That was one of my concerns with slapping him on as Reform (it's dead). Perhaps he would revitalize or rebuild in a Perot type style? ;)

As for states, he would do well in New York and New Jersey, other than that I'd give him probably equal amounts in all the other states, with slightly more in swing.

8-10% Normal, 10-12% swing? :unsure:

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