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how do you make scenarios

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Yes. 2

1)Dean forms his own party and due to attack ads early on between kerry and bush dean gets a lot more support. It's basically a 3 way horse race that is almostim possible to win due to the EC. I've won the PV with Dean, but lost beause the congress takes up the election, and gives it to Bush. Dean's party is, "People Powered" :)

2)This one may offend some, but it was not intended to. Sorry if it does.

Months after victory in 2004, Bush dies in a crash of Air Force One. Due to Health Problems Cheney resigns, and the prsidency goes to Speaker Dennis Hastert. The Election(which I inlcuding MANY republicans for a fun Primary) Is 2008. Hastert is running, and the Dems have a clear shot. It's fun playing with some of the Repubs I've put in. Won HUGE with Gore/Edwards, vs. Hastert/Guiliani.

I'm currently planning on making seeral more. The one I described in another thread based on a film I wrote. And a few others that will remain mysterys until I've decided to make them.

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For those vets out there, I get a list index out of bounds (-1) error. Where would this come from?

Yes, unfortunately I know all too well what that means and it can be VERY annoying and tedious. :angry:

You most likely have something that is not right in your scenario.txt file, it could be ANYTHING an issue position is in the wrong column, you forgot to put a newspaper headline for one of the issues, etc.

My advice is to pop up a scenario.txt file that you know works, such as the 2004 file for instance, and compare that scenario.txt file with the one you have that is not working and look closely for any discrepencies.

I hope this helps!

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Cool JoSpiv! Who are the republicans and democrats? And any indys?

I have also made a 2008 scenario, but I will not send it in because it is good, but too much like other 2008s. It has an incumbent Kerry and a pretty democratic nation against giuliani, hagel, and frist.

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most will be running in '08 anyway, but thse primaries would be crazy.



Colin Powell


Jeb Bush


I gave Jeb a huge intergrity due to his bro's death.


Al Gore

Hillary Clinton

John Kerry

Howard Dean

John Edwards

Nancy Pelosi



Gephardt WILL not run, but he's on the list, and is part of the many thigns I need to fix with this senario.




Dean(The Green Dean Dream) Now that has a nice ring to it.

I havn't yet, but guess I could add Cobb now.


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Obama is on in the VP LIST

and Arnold only if an ammendment was passed on non-naturlized citizens being pres. I thought about it, but the senaroi already has so much in it, and I doubt that would be a strong issue in the years following the untimely death of a somewhat popular president.

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