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First off I would like to point out Government America is the place to be doing this. There will be actual primaries and there will be no cheating to win.. That being said.... Here is a quote from my speech earlier today:

"I am officially announcing my Candidacy for the Democratic Nomination. I look forward to a spirited race and hope my colleagues will rally around me to win the white house. I believe this is the right choice. I believe I have the values to become the President of the United States of America. There are several things I would like to point out about myself. I will NEVER allow another country to tell me I cannot go into a country to combat terrorists who would seek to destroy our country. I will however work to build strong coalitions. The US works best when it leads strong coalitions. I will use all means necessary to avoid war as I value, not only the hardwork and devotion of our truths, but also their lives. I will never put our troops in harms way unless it is done the right way. As President I would urge the PM of Iraq to appeal to Nato for help with Security and Elections and rebuilding and troop training. As we have seen in Iraq, the cost of going into a country without strong alliances and without a plan to win the peace is far to great. I believe that the PM needs to take responsibility for his country. It will show the world that they have true leadership that is willing to ask for help. I will also continue to seek other allies to help us out in Iraq. We are commited to win there for the sake of terrorism and for the sake of the Iraqi People. I will seek to bring about better security in our country. As Senator I have already introduced bills to help out with Security Measures. I believe we need the things laid out in these bills. I am working on showing exactly how to finance these bills and will post the financials for these bills once I have all the information together. I also believe in Equality for all including Same-Sex couples. They are human beings and deserve the same rights as other couples. We have come along way as far as Equality. African Americans are no longer slaves, our country is no longer segregated and women have more rights now than they did one hundred years ago. I think we still have a long way to go. While I am opposed to a Same-Sex marriage ban, I will support Civil Unions over marriage as long as they are guaranteed the same rights as married couples. My opponet Roger will have you believe that we must not allow this because of tradition and values. Where would our country be right now if we gave in and followed "tradition" on every issue? That being said, I hope for a presidential race free of high negativity. I call on my fellow candidate Matthew Newman to keep a positive race. I will remain positve unless I am unduly attacked. I understand there will be some issues we disagree on but I think we can get those Issues across without being negative. I would like to say the same of my candidate Roger, but I do not know if he is capable of not being negative. I hope to see you all out on the campaign trail and to all the best of luck this election season!"

I would also like to mention I am looking for a Campaign Advisor, Foreign Policy Expert, and a Financial Expert.......

And my big announcement on my VP running mate will be announced soon..

I would like to ask 3 people to consider being my running mates

Kerry Edwards for President

Swing Voter


If interested let me know..... I will then make my decision based on who is interested.

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Good GRIEF!!!


You have 3 or 4 in Young's site. You have a some in the Political thread and now you have exactly the SAME posts in the general thread!!

Why are you bombarding everyone with this????

Are you trying to make it almost impossible for other candidates to run since everyone will know you thanks to your constant bombardment and the fact that some people have lives other than what goes on here??

You're running for President! OK! WE GOT IT! No need to bombard us with it 24 7!!

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WHY??!?!?!? :lol::lol::lol:

Simply because somone is flooding this board, the politics board, and the gov America site just because they want to be the only Democratic running for the Pres???

To make it seem inevitable and discourage others???

Only Mr. Flooder himself, Vegeta, would not have a problem with that.

But then again, you're the one who proposed to monitor the elections yourself!

Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse!!

Do you have no honor sir??

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I can handle Roger, He is just a cry baby because I mentioned him when I announced I would run...

And In answer Roger I am not flooding the boards. And you know what so what If I want everyone to know me? How else would I win? Get over yourself....

And you dont have to read my posts if you dont want to but this is just another example of your trying to censure m......

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