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I'm Dropping Out


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Swing I think you should speak with my running mate. Dems4America.

I like your platform very much, and with the recent developments it's caused me to reconsider my bid.

I said I was running to be VP, and I did. But this really changes a lot.

Iwill try to speak with him to. I cann't say We will drop out, or that we should. I am simply saying you should speak with him, and see if a compromise can be worked out so the Conservatives running, who are all very far right, don't take over.

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You love Roger don't you?

First he's a Nazi and now a cheater?

roger is cheating


As I have said, don't attack my running mate or any of my supporters while they are not able to defend themselves. Face me!

This is EXACTLY what i mean!!

SS Vegets'a campaign has turned into the VERY definition of GUTTER politics!!!

Yes as head of the campaign and Presidential cnadidate we MUST blame it on him AND the campaign as HE is the HEAD of it!!

This is disgraceful. Disgusting

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no what is disgraceful is to cheat in an election that means nothing i find that down right sad but like i said i no longer care about this election bs because their is no point so i'm done with this and i hope u all joins young's site to run a fair election

i will continue to post on other topics but when it comes to elections i'm done

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I agree. If people are going to take this seriously, they should move to Young's site, where we have a lot more options to do things that real politicians would do.

If we are not taking this seriously, then I would politely advise people to not be surprised when cheating and voter fraud comes up since the site was not made for this and it's not fair for Tony to have to monitor something he had no intention of creating.

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