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Why hasn't mine been uploaded

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when did you send it in?

they'll post it up when they got the time. Forgoodnessakes, their hosting us. the little they ask for the games helps maintain this site

post yer email and send it to people swho ask for it as an advance copy

that's what the rest of us do

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I did that back in August. It's not a big deal, I sound really whiney here, and I apologize. I'm really no bitter at all. I was just wondering why it was never uploaded. I already sent it out to some 30 people, so Im happy with that. Its al good. :)

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Hi mokbubble2,

If you submitted a scenario last year, simply re-submit it or e-mail us with the e-mail name by which it was submitted. We can then find it in our backup and process it.


Anthony Burgoyne


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