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So leaders, what are your scores?


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Thanks for your recommendation (though I have absolutely no intention of following it through), but you should read a little on Québec before saying things like that. You don't know what you're stepping into.

I am not Canadian in my soul and heart, I am Québécois and proud of it.

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lol simon come on u live in canada i'm assuming u were born in canada your a canadian i live in maryland u can love your province without denying your country

I'm a Canadian for lack of better, we could say. But I don't feel at home in Canada, only in Québec, this is where my roots are and where I want to grow. This is my identity, do you understand? It may be hard for you to grasp a concept of many nations within a country and I understand that, I don't blame you, but do try. For an example, look at the Irish, even when Eire was nothing but a part of the United Kingdom, they were Irish, not English and so it is with Québécois and Canadians.

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stamina 1? and integrity 2? well u would have no shot of winning

just because my stamina is low does not mean that *falls to floor* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I'd win. easily! you just watch

I have my ways :ph34r:





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