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UNDECIDED posters - Please Read!!

the Avenger

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Those of you that are either undecided or not sure what is going on with all these crazy elections, I have a message for you.

Like you, I was probably not all that sure what the point of all this was and I was not very impressed with the candidates.

I have decided to vote for the Independent candidate Keyes 8000 and Roger Winchestor. They have the best chance of defeating SS Vegeta.

HERE is why it is so important to DEFEAT SS Vegeta:

Many of you realize that he is very rude character and often insults other people for no reason.

He tells people to change thier views if he doesn't like them.

Is that the kind of person you want as President???

He constantly attacks other people's scenarios while he says he's too lazy to make any himself!!!

This is not a leader. Only an example of laziness.

PLEASE make the right decision and vote for the ONLY candidate that can prevent SS Vegeta form winning:


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