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Green Day - 2008

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good one sask

please tell me that wasn't your first try w/ Witt

I tired to make this hard :lol:

It was my 4th try. I was wiped out the first 2 times (Bush won a majority, then Bayh won a majority of EV), then I sent everyone to Congress the third time, then I won the 4th time when Texas and Pennsylvania swung to me in the last 2 days.

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what I'm thinking of doing, with ya'll help if you want, is to create and send Tony a Candidates Folder for all the 2008 scenerios, mine or otherwise, that would include as many possibles as possible

I totally forgot to add Russ Feingold to the Dems for this current '08 trilogy

i'll start a thread, and people can c&p thier candidate txt.s ......

oh, and thank you for the kind words!

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38 states and 50% :) [my first try of the scenario actually]

PS: Brownback came back in Kansas at the last minute. I only lost it by a few hundred votes i think.

PPS: it was Brownback/Pataki, Bayh/Clark, and Witt/LaMarche. Which reminds me that Pat LaMarche is from Maine not RI.

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f***in h**l

well done alex!!!

that is one way to win, make it a 2-way between the Republican and the Green

get the Dem out of the way w/ negative ads, scandals etc

I rarely use negative tactics, always trying to take the "high road"

*makes note to make next scenerio even harder* :)

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