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Congress choosing the President

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I think it would be neat, in the case of Congress having to choose the president in the lack of plurality in the Electoral College, to have the map show how each state voted and have each state highlighted in the color of their presidential choice. To add some random voting and not just a straight party-line vote might also increase the suspense of finding out whether you won the game or not. It sure beats knowing the other party controls congress and will vote against you. I understand that this is realistic but even an option at the beginning of the game to toggle whether Congress can vote randomly or not would be fun! B)

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Thanks HRC and Mguy77. Having the Congressional delegations announced and some randomness is a good idea. I'm not sure where the realism lies in this one, because we have such little data to judge how Congress would act in these sorts of counterfactual situations. My guess is there would be pressure on at least some Congressional representatives to vote for another party's/Independent candidate if that candidate had a large margin of victory in those Congressional representative's districts, and was similar enough ideologically speaking. Any ideas on this one?


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Here are some articles to help concerning this matter:

Federal Register


What is the Electoral college???


What if the Electoral College is tied at 269


part 2 of the same article


I hope this research helps towards resolving the issue in some manner.

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Here's my two cents:

In the case of a US House of Representatives choosing the President the game can go into overtime.

After you click the: Its a tie the US House will now choose the president, cause a new screen to come up. For each of the competing political parties have a political boss or authorized person to attempt to sway the Representatives.

Have this map look like the seats arrayed in congress shaded by the party colors that are leading there, when the Reps. are deciding and are 'divided' you can cause the color to go white "too close to call."

Also allow the % of already decided votes to be low to allow strong Indie candidates Thurmond, Wallace, Perot, etc. to be able to garner some votes.

Also cause the "days" to be slated as 'hours' while the debates, 'campaigning' brokering, deals are made, bribery?? even? (maybe the 1877 election?) is going on.

Using mguy77's information and the scores of dedicated fans to do research on certain periods of info. I think it could be done. This way you won't have to do THAT much research since most votes will be up in the air. Perhaps cause the highest EV getter to have 25%, the 2nd place 15%, and the 3rd 10% and the rest be up in the air to allow everybody a fair chance?

After the hours are up, allow the Representatives to cast their votes. Then conclude who the winner is.

Listen I can make changes to existing data and do data-entry (as my schdule allows in the evening) but I can't create an all out new map and all that, I tried once and dead-ended and scrapped the idea. But this is my thinking.

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I would do my best in research to make the game as realistic as possible. I really appreciate Creigl's suggestions & if they can be implemented easily & are as realistic as possible remaining w/ the spirit of the game, it should be done. I look forward to more people's imput on this & Tony's as well to see where we stand on getting this done.


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Well, besides the most obvious determinant (party), here are some other variables that could affect a vote.

-Margin of victory in a state; for example, if Nader beats Kerry in California 80% to 20%, then some of California's Democrats could defect.

-Active scandals or negative momentum on Election Day could lose a candidate votes.

-Money left over- if a campaign has a few million still on hand, it could launch legal challenges or try to sway opinion.

-Out of the mainstream- a candidate with many views far from the mainstream could suffer a negative modifier to chances to woo representatives.

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I really like the idea of a 'vote pusher' of some sort to sway votes in Congress...I think the randomness should vary from scenario to scenario, and be adjustable by the user(high/medium/low), with a default for each scenario. The vote pusher could also, if it came to that(with the prmiaries), integrate well with a deadlocked convention(it -can- still happen, but the circumstances have to be -just- right; California backloading to June last month really upped the possibility), as each campaign would have a floor manager of some kind.

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By a 'vote pusher', I mean someone who would act like a floor manager. Essentially someone who would help grab votes in either a convention or a House election setting. It would add some dynamism to a House election for, say, the House to lean Dem, but the GOP to have a better person brokering the votes, reducing the advantage of the player. And at a convention, a brilliant floor manager would probably make the difference in the vote-garnering.

Now, while I know that in a House election, the House would theoretically be closed off(or at least the floor would be, though there would doubtless be a lot of cloak-room dealing), it is likely that a favorable Congressman or two would be involved in the brokering with some sort of cell phone or something...essentially, someone who could press undecided or waffling Congressmen for their votes in the setting. Do note that Senators and, even more likely, Governors and non-politicians would have little access to the floor, so they'd have to get someone to fight it for them(not to mention the chance of it being considered bad form to campaign in such a situation in person). Putting in a charisma/influence/connection rating might be good here, simulating the varied abilities of some managers over others...borrowing from the PMForever engine could cover a lot of this(you choose whom to focus on, like the ridings, though it's the manager instead of the candidate doing this; no names would be needed, just a list of districts and leanings would more than suffice). And it might be worthwhile to sting the players' score for offering too many concessions to Congressmen on the fence(position compromises, most likely, since they'd be easy to simulate compared to other stuff)...think Corrupt Bargain/1824, and you get the idea.

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