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About the Elections (PLEASE READ!!!!)

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Dont do this on this board... join our site already in progress.....

This dosnt belong here....

On my site we will use P4E for elections so please join!!!


We have 25 members, and 10 who are active so join up!!!

Its primary season!

But when u join the form is Your Name (Party inital)

Ex- John Smith ® Ham Sandwich (D)

You can also be an independent , libetarian and green!

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lol, u guys have been doing this for a few days...this isnt really serious...plus THIS IS NOT THE SITE FOR YOU GUYS TO BE DOING THIS

My site has been up since August and its growing quickly and it is organized....

There is an actual place to run for senate, and vote

Im inviting every one to join

Everyone starts off in the senate, ince we get ebough people (maybe 40-50) we will start the House of Reps and then have Governers

We are about to start the primaries so apply for your parties!!

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You guys are so strange....

I literally HAVE A SITE for exactly what you want....

If you guys want to use your screen name on this board instead of your real name, feel free to, but use common sense, this wont work on this board....this is a board for the GAME not for a politcal sim which I already have!!!!!

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Just joined, seems good... One quick question: how do you sign out?

Saw you, and you did the same thing I did: registered wrong. ;)

I forget the (D) thing behind my nickname, so I will have to wait for my account to be deleted so I can retry. :(

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You'll have to talk to Young on that one. I dont see it happening. I would imagine there are several Republicans and Dems over there that didnt have a chance to participate in the primaries. It wouldnt be fair to impose our president on them. Also some of us over here would like to have the chance to run if we decide to considering we didnt even find out about this till after the primaries. I never went to general and there was nothing in political about the primaries. I think we need to have a new FAIR primary and election in which everyone who wants to can run and every one has the chance to vote. I will however stick to my guns and endorse SSVEGETA if he makes an announcement that plans on running for the Dem nomination on Young's site by the deadline i have placed...

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I agree with Horck and the rest that say finish up the elections here then move on to the other side, it's not fully there yet; still getting "tweaked".

Anyway, I hope it's ok to be from another state than you are actually are in.? The reason being is that I think there are too many Senators from New Jersey.

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Ok If Young will allow us to use these elections on his site I will accept the winner as president. However I do not think he will because of the fact there are people over there who dont you all who didnt get the chance to vote this would be a chance for everyone to get to know everyone and make a chance to choose who everyone would want.

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