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Hi everyone!

I'd like to get your opinions about my Scenarios!

Please post opinions, suggestions, or notations on here and I'll update them if you find something wrong (or a better issue, etc.)!

So far I've created:

First Confederate Election - 1866 (Many of you have already given me your opinions of this. To those who said it was cool, thanks! To those who accused me of being a moron and a "Yankee Fool" your comments were noted also.)

Harrison vs. Cleveland - 1888

Bryan vs. Taft - 1908

Also, if you have any suggestions for me, throw them my way and I'll try to make them into a scenario. I love alternate history and I'm constantly trying to create alternate elections!

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Scenario: First Confederate Election - 1866

Comments: The scenario was very well done. The biggest problem I have is that Jefferson Davis was running for reelection, a clarification as to whether an Amendment was passed allowing for his reelection would've sufficed. Other than that, the difficulty was great, the setup was fun, the choices of issues was wonderful. All in all, I liked this scenario a great deal

Score: 4.5/5

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Oooh, I like that...Forrest would've been an interesting choice. People could've easily rallied behind him as a candidate cause he too, was a war hero. If you're going for more along the lines of Guns of the South, Forrest did run against Lee (if I'm not mistaken) :D

At any rate, I look forward to whatever you have to offer. Perhaps Creigl and you could work together on some Confederate style scenarios...

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Yeah, I'm also going to fix up the electoral college. I pulled out my copy of The Guns Of The South and luckily in the back it has Turtledove's vision on how the Confederate College would have been. I've also decided to leave out the Science Fiction part, I'm not including the time travelers and AK-47's. I wish I could have more space to give the background of the scenario. I'd like the whole thing to be a combination of The Guns Of The South and the events that took place before How Few Remain.

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MattyN & broadwayboy87,

::jumps up & down" me too! :lol: Hey guys. Those sound like some good ideas and Forrest will be good. BB87, you're in for some good reading the great war series. hang on!

sarnstrom54014, Little Alec would be a good candidate, but he's basing this on the Guns of the South. Now in an 1867 election that'd work. If Lee had agreed to run for president that would have been interesting to see Lee vs. Stephens.

I'll help any way I can and am able to do so.

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