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Red Moon, Blue Dawn

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yay, nay?

2008: Red Moon - "Condi v. Blondie"

? terror attacks in the USA boost the GOPs strongman image, givign them a narrow '06 hold on Congress. Meanwhile, Iran is becoming ever more hostile, having engaged "US Border Patrol" troops along the Southern Iraqi border several times. War is inevitable. Will America turn to new leadership in the time of this national crisis, or will they re-elect the incumbant regime. ?

{supposes the neo-con/Rove hit machine will take out McCain in the primaries, again, as soft on bad guys, too old, sick, "flip-floppy" whatever - giving their Warrior Princess the nod. Barbour's on the ticket to pacify the Deep South who might hesitiate to vote for a likely lesbian definately black single woman for Prez unless there is a good ole boy to look after her.... plays, don't it?}

presumtive nominees:

GOP - Condi Rice/Haley Barbour

Dem: Hillary Clinton/Bill Nelson

2008: Blue Dawn - "Newt v. Al"

? bolstered by re-capturing Capitol Hill in '06, the Democrats used thier majority to impeach then President Bush, making him the first President to ever be legally removed from office by the Senate. President Cheney, himself under the Senate's microscope, declined to run for election, stating "I can't comment on an ongoing investigation, *$^! *&@&%!~s"

presumptive nominees:

GOP - Newt Gingrich/George Pataki

Dem - Al Gore/Bill Richardson

2008: Purple Haze - "?" v "?"

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probably Condi, prog - I'll add several other canidates other than Newt. Should have this done in a couple hours....

:)An Alternative Future History:

2008: Blue Dawn

After recapturing Congress in '06, Democratic leaders began investigations into alleged corruption in the former GOP Congress and Consitutional violations in the Administration. As a result of said investiagations, over 40 senior GOP lawmakers, many of whom lost thier seats in '06, were indicted for fraud, accepting bribes, war-profiteering, and assorted other felonies and misdomeanors.

The investigations into the Administration uncovered a criminal pattern of circumventing established laws as well as widespread corruption, culminating in the first conviction of a President in a Senate Impeachment trial.

President Cheney, himself facing criminal indictment, declined to run for election, leaving the GOP nomination wide-open.

Meanwhile, the US economy faces its greatest crisis since the Great Depression, as an economic pact between Iran and China has jeopardized the US dollar's status as the world's reserve currency, causing devestating losses in the US stock market, rising unemployment and rampant inflation.

Despite massive troop reductions, US and coaltion forces still find themselves bogged down in an increasingly unstable and dangerous Iraq while Iran's nuclear ambitions near fruition. Adding to the region's instability, Palestinians have openly taken up arms against Israel, bringing the Middle East to the brink of a total regional war.

Al Qaida continues to menace the Western world, having launched coordinated attacks across Europe and in the United States.

Whomever wins the Presidency faces perhaps the most daunting and tremendous challenge ever to face an American leader.

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:)An Alternative Future History:

2008: Red Moon

A series of shocking Al Qaida inspired suicide bombings in the USA has terrified the nation, leading to massive domestic police actions inclduing random check points and searches along major roadways, curfews in many major cities, and the presence of armed National Guard troops in US streets. Suspected terrorists and terrorist sympathizers inside the USA have found themselves detained without charge, while the Department of Homeland Security has implemented the unprecented "US Patriot Security Initiative" - granting it unheard of powers of survielence, search, seizure, and detainment. Civil Libertarians warn against a Police State in the USA, but many Americans are grateful for the Federal Government's strongarm methods.

In the Middle East, US airstrikes against suspected Iranian nuclear weapons facilities have prompted Tehran to mobilize over 100,000 troops on the Southern Iran/Iraq border and inspiring militant Shias in Iraq to further harrass US forces with guerrila tactics. Palestinians have openly revolted against Israeli occupation, finding allies in both Damascus and Tehran. The world now finds itself careening towards a possible Third World War.

Meanwhile, the US economy faces its greatest crisis since the Great Depression, as an economic pact between Iran and China has jeopardized the US dollar's status as the world's reserve currency, causing devestating losses in the US stock market, rising unemployment and rampant inflation.

Against a backdrop of terror, economic devestation, and looming war, the American people must decide which canididate can best protect America's security. Whomever wins the Presidency faces perhaps the most daunting and tremendous challenge ever to face an American leader.

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Blue Dawn:


State's Rights

Gay Marriage

Budget Deficit

Government Reform

Moral Values





Government Corruption

Civil Liberties

Homeland Security

Middle East

Personal Tax

Health Care

Latin America




@initial economy

// 1 - 5



// scenario money coefficient, 100 is 2004


@issue external events

//State's Rights

California Defys Supreme Court over Abortion

Michigan Defys Supreme Court over Abortion

DEA raids Medical Marijuana clinic in Rhode Island


//Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage Celebrated in Massachusetts

"Queer Eye" Number One Show In America

Gays "Deviant Lifestyle" Threat To America, say Clergy


//Budget Deficit

Record Deficits Worry Investors

Fed Chairman "Corral Debt Now"


//Government Reform

Lobbyist's "Power is Unchecked" says ex-Senator

Election Costs Skyrocket

"Graft:" New Tell-All Shocks DC

Congressman Employed Whole Family in Fake Charity


//Moral Values

Gay Teen Beaten To Death In Indiana

Evangelicals Call For School Prayer

Athiest Refused Promotion, Sues School District

Catholic Leaders Say Divorced Canidates "Morally Unfit" To Lead



Air Quality "Worst in History" Study Claims

Texas River Catches Fire!

Deer Popilation Too Large, says NRA Leader



60% of High Schoolers Can't Find France On Map!

Computer Skills Improving, Video Games Given Credit



Unemployment soars to 40 Year High

Homeless Shelters Cannot Meet Growing Demand

Jobless Take to the Streets in Protest



Bin Laden Video Promises More Attacks

5 Americans Among 28 Killed In London Suicide Bombing

Al Queda Sinks Cruise Ship Off Cyprus! 100's Dead

Car Bomb In Warsaw Kills 39, 2 Americans Dead


//Government Corruption

Former President Could Face Up To 15 Years in Prison

Former Senator Sentenced to 5 Years

Former Congressman Sentenced to 10 Years

Former Administration Offficial Sentenced to 25 Years


//Civil Liberties

NSA Spied on High School Latin Club

Detainee Claims Innocence

At Least 9000 Americans Held Uncharged, Survey Finds

Data Companies Cooperate with Pentagon


//Homeland Security

Terrorist Plot Foiled In Mobile, Alabama

DHS Raises Threat Level To Red Before Election

Bio-Weapons Discovered in AZ Storage Rental

AAA: Americans Afraid To Travel In Own Country

FBI: Terrosrists Are On The Run In USA


//Middle East

Lebanese Government Promises Reform

Iranian Troops Patrol Iraqi Border

Hamas: "Iran is our Ally in the War against Imperialism"

Nationwide Curfew Takes Effect in Israel

Over 20 Iraqi Civilians Killed in Bomb Accident


//Personal Tax

More Tax Cuts Equals A Stonger Economy

Economist: Middle Class Pays Unfair Share


//Health Care

Study: Health Care Costs Soaring As HMO Profits Rise

Presciption Drug Black Market Grows in Midwest

Insurance Companies Report Record Profits


//Latin America

Paraguay Elects Socialist Reformer

Venezuala Calls For EU Style South American Union

Cuba Sends Military Advisors to Argentina



Dollar Continues Slide vs. Euro

Japanese Central Bank Divests Dollar Holdings

Inflation Hits 40 Year High



Trade Defecit With China Keeps Growing

China Cracks Down on Domestic Dissent

Chinese Investor Takes Over Ford Motor Co.



@issue position descriptions

// left to right, 1 - 5

//State's Rights

States must obey Federal Law.

States have specified constitutional rights.

States laws should trump Federal laws, if the people wish it.

States have specified constitutional rights.

States must obey Federal Law.


//Gay Marriage

Marriage is about Love, not about Sexual Preference.

Gays should be allowed to marry.

State's should decide.

Gays should not be allowed to marry.

Homosexuality is a crime against nature.


//Budget Deficit

A Balanced Budget Amendment is needed.

Taxes must be raised to lower the deficit.

Balance lowering the deficit with other priorities.

Military spending is more important that the deficit.

Domestic spending must be drastically cut.


//Government Reform

Massive Campaign and Lobby reform is needed.

Public Financing for Campaigns.

Lobbyist influence must be checked.

No reforms are needed.

Lobbyist money is the lifeblood of politics.


//Moral Values

Government must not impose the values of its leaders on the people!

Moral values are a personal issue, not a Federal one.

Moral Values are important, but Freedom is more important.

Values are at the core of our nation and should be enforced.

The Bible should supercede the Constitution in all cases.



The environment must be our first national priority.

Good environmental policies are good economic policies.

Balance environmental policies with sound economic policies.

Economic policies must come before environmental policies.

The environment is fine, we don't need to worry about it.



Drastic increases in Federal funding are needed.

Too much emphasis has been placed on test scores.

We must do better in educating our youth.

Schools choice is the answer - more voucher programs.

Education should be turned over to the private sector.



New Deal type Federal programs are needed to create jobs!

Federal incentives are needed to stimulate job growth.

Unemployment and Retraining programs need to be extended.

Tax cuts for business and the wealthy will create more jobs.

Fewer jobs keep salaries down and increase corporate profits!



The War on Terror has failed; give into Terrorist demands.

We must focus on the causes of terrorism to stop its spread.

Terror must be the CIA's and FBI's top priority.

More military actions are needed to stop terrorists.

Any country with suspected terrorist ties must be invaded.


//Government Corruption

Those found guilty should be executed as Traitors

Prosecute the offenders to the fullest extent of the Law.

Those involved have humiliated the nation and must be punished.

Corruption? What Corruption?

Pardon everyone indicted or convicted.


//Civil Liberties

We must stop the roll-back of our freedoms before it is too late.

The courts need to slow down in its restrictions on Civil Liberties.

Certain liberties must be restricted given the current enviornment.

There are too many liberties as it is.

The Bill of Rights needs to be reconsidered.


//Homeland Security

Domestic extremism and intolerence are our biggest threat.

Improving our international standing will increase our safety.

More needs to be done to protect America from attack.

We should seal our borders and detain all suspect foriegners.

Seal our borders, deport all recent immigrants, and detain subversives.


//Middle East

Withdraw all troops now; pay reparations to victimized nations.

Economic and Diplomatic 'carrots' work better than 'sticks.'

Offer 'carrots' while holding a 'stick.'

Military occupation is the only solution.

Nuke the region; to hell with it.


//Personal Tax

Increase income tax for everyone.

Increase income tax for the rich.

Reduce income tax for lower- and middle-class tax brackets.

Reduce income tax across the board.

Reduce income tax for the rich.


//Health Care

We need a completely public health care system.

Universal health care, whether public or private.

Public health care benefits for the poor and elderly, the rest private.

Only a few public health care benefits.

The health care system should be completely private.


//Latin America

Past US policies must be changed.

Further ties with economic aid.

The Latins can and should govern themselves.

Latin America is a growing threat to America's power.

We must be prepared to intervene militarily in the region.



Ask for international debt relief.

Wage and price controls.

Inflation can be controlled if we try.

Fix dollar's exchange rate, invite foriegn investment.

Sell the country to the highest bidder.



We need to establish strong trade and diplomatic relations.

Ties to China should be stronger without sacrificing US interests.

China should be treated as a partner in the Global Market.

China is a threat to long-term US economic interests.

We should invade China before they grow too strong.



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supposed to be

there are people who are far better at winning at this game than me, so I'm trying to set them a challenge

i figure if I can get Newt w/in 5m votes that's good enough by my standards to think someone here can win

right now, w/ 4wks left, Newt is down 14% in my test


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who do you think:

GOP: Newt, Condi, Pataki, Romney, Powell.... ??? (any sitting Senator or Congressman is out, the scandals have destroyed all their credibilty)

Dems: Al, Hillary, Edawrds, Feingold, Richardson....???

All the Congresspeoples? What about, say, Specter or McCain?

GOP: Tom Ridge? Ashcroft? Guliani? Barbour, Perry? Owens?

Dems: Wes Clark, Gary Locke, Kerry, Landreiu (sp?), Boxer, possibly Feinstein, Manchin

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