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i thought we came to a group descision that we are cancelling the election and for all those who wish to continue "elections" can move on to youngs site

What group decision? I have not seen any topic with a poll where everyone could vote on whether or not the election should be stopped. That is because a handful of people (all democrats I believe) decided that by themselves.


Exactly Hoarck.

I agree with you completely.

I am glad that there are even DEMOCRATS that are witnessing the arrogance of this character.

He offered to moderate the elections himself, cancel the elections without any consultation with any of the candidates, without putting it to a vote, changes the election deadline on a whim without any advance notice...

And he calls it a "group decisoin"??

To Vegeta, a group decision = himself and 1 other Democrat! :lol:

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There won't be site Senate Elections. It is the majority feeling on the board that all election types(myself included) go to Young's Government America site. This site it to be for discussion of the game, politics in general, and other.

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Oh yes, we certainly are. Compare the US to Europe or Canada or Latin America...our politics are definitely more conservative than the average democratic country, particularly if you look at Western democracies.

For example, in most countries, the Democrats would not be considered a left wing party at all, at most it would be a centrist party and in some places it would be the conservative party.

I mean, we still have debates in some parts of the US over Evolution! :rolleyes:

I agree we are a divided country, but I would argue that the divide is between far-right and centrism.

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I'm talking about the politics though. Sure, if you take a poll most people would fall into the centrist category strictly on the issues. In fact, if you take a poll asking people what they believe, they generally fall in line with the Democrats.

However, Republicans control all 3 branches of government right now and George W Bush is the most conservative US President since at least Reagan.

Why is this so? Unfortunately, I fear that many Americans have been duped into voting Republican not because they agree with them on the issues but out of fear, insecurity, a belief that Republicans somehow "protect" them better from foreign threats and things like "morals" and "values" which can't really be measured.

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That's a tough discussion to have because while I feel as a nation we are more conservative, I think most people actually believe in a more liberal agenda. i know that sounds like an oxymoron but it's hard to explain.

I'll try it this way,.

Collective feeling of nation - Conservative

Individual Person - Liberal

maybe someone else can explain it better.

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I agee with Jospiv.

Vegeta you are an idiot.

Americans believe individually are more to Dems but generally as a whole is conservative and vote Conserative and hes saying the POLITICS is generally more conservative than in other countries.

So even if most believe with Democrats its still a conservative country politically.

Get a clue.

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