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Who Do You Support  

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  1. 1. Who Do You Support

    • SSVegeta123243/Swing Voter (D)
    • HardRightConservative/Mantis (R)
    • Keyes/Roger Winchestor (I)
    • Dems4america/Jospiv (I)

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Black America Volume I -"Leading African-American politicians from three different parties: Republican, Democrat and Black Panther face off in this scenario to see who can lead America in the 21st Century. New issues such as "Racial Profiling" and "Voting Rights" have been added."

The Intellectual President - "In the year 2008, America faced disaster: social security had been discarded, war with Iran was on the horizon and the very notion of the role of government itself was being debated. So after a series of intellectually-challenged candidates proved disappointing, the American people have now risen up, taken matters into their own hands and demanded that their leaders come from more "enlightened" circles. Get ready for "The Intellectual President!" Where brainiacs ponder philosophy, the rule of law, and other such worldly pursuits while the rest of us get to choose among them. Can you lead your "intellectual" to victory?."

I've been trying to include a lot of candidates in my scenarios in anticipation of the primary update so that we should have some pretty fun matchups when it comes out! For example, in my Black America Vol I scenario, I can't wait to see a Jesse Jackson vs. Al Sharpton vs. Jesse Jackson Jr matchup or a Colin Powell vs. Condoleezza Rice vs. Alan Keyes (the real one) matchup on the Republican side! B)

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So now you are also in charge of the election process and are calling the elections off?

This is not YOUR election. It's the board election. If you want to withdraw yourself from the race that's fine, but you cannot just call the entire election off.

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i thought we came to a group descision that we are cancelling the election and for all those who wish to continue "elections" can move on to youngs site

What group decision? I have not seen any topic with a poll where everyone could vote on whether or not the election should be stopped. That is because a handful of people (all democrats I believe) decided that by themselves.


Well, on second thought: don't bother to consult everyone on ending the election. Perhaps it's better to just stop this entire crap, because people have proven that they can't even hold a simple election for fun without making trouble.

I really thought this would be a spiritful election, but it's turned into a children's fight. That's really sad because this could have been great!

I rest my case.

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I don't care who started it, but it seems clear to me that, just before or after Veg's accusation of fraud, there was an explosion of votes for all candidates. They nearly doubled in 24 hours, this, to me, means that people, maybe spurred by the accusations, created false accounts to help their favored candidates, from all sides of the "election". In short, there was fondling with the votes, and I don't think the election has any credibility left.

For Keyes, I'm sorry, I'm not saying that you knew some of your supporters were overzealous, nor even that your "side" started all this. But I think this election has been turned into a joke in the last day or two.

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