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A freak idea for a scenario

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What if we made the election for president of this site into a scenario? We take the democratic, republican hopefuls and put them into the game as candidates then you can duke it out as SSVegeta trying to beat HRC or vice-versa. We can even include some people into Libertarian and Independant candidates, take their personal issues from the thread on it. What do you think? What should be the stats of everyone involved (to make it more fair, let's give everyone 24 points)?

Or even worse, let's take the American Unification of HardRight and do the same things but with 4 different parties!

Anyone interested?

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The biggest piece of work is the 7 characteristics. Also, it would be fun including those in the primaries who don't mind it also as possible other candidates. When the primaries will be included in the game, we'll do it also.

And we'll call the scenarion: "80soft's All-Stars" or something like that. What do you think?

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Anyway, I'll break the ice, since I was nominated as a candidate to the democratic primaries, here are my characteristics. I give myself 24 points, I suggest everyone does the same:

Leadership: 3

Integrity: 4

Experience: 2 (I just reached 20)

Issue Familiarity: 4

Charisma: 3

Stamina: 3

Debating: 5 (some have felt the blow of my debating here, they will tell you I mean business!)

Home State: Let's say Vermont, it's closes to where I live and they have a good left-wing independant representant (Bernie Sanders).

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