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How about a Confederacy Pro South scenario??

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Were there confederate parties? They never even had a real election, so I don't think there were Political Parties in CSA.

There weren't formal political parties, but there were plenty of real elections (Congressional and state). And something like an informal two-party system was beginning to take shape. "Confederates" were mainly former fire-eating Democrats, along with supporters of a stronger central government (including many from occupied and front-line areas). "Conservatives" were mainly former Whigs, along with supporters of states rights within the CSA.

From a political standpoint, there wasn't much opposition to slavery in the CSA during the war (I mean among whites, that is). Not that there wasn't any (see Hinton Helper in NC, for example), but it was mostly quiet. Even the strongest pockets of anti-CSA sentiment (West Virginia, East Tennessee, Western North Carolina) weren't really abolitionist so much as against the power of the planter aristocracy in the flat parts of their states.

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