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Scenario France 2002

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;) Hello all !

First of all I would like to warmly congratulate the PF team for their great work ! President Forever is really the best political simulation I've ever played, with many many abilities ! One of its greatest features is the ability to make our own scenarios ! This is simply wonderful ! EVERYTHING is possible !

I'm French (please forgive me for my bad English) , I'm 19 and I love politics. I'm really not a pro in computers and all, but I tried to make a scenario about the 2002 France election. Since in France there are two rounds, I imagined an hypothetical change of constitution to explain the working of the scenario. I imagined that the 4 tendances (extreme left, left, right, extreme right) would be united. There are many things I could not do, like removing some US states (but I removed their Electoral votes so it does not make matter).

I hope you will give me all your impressions, your likes or hates of that game, and help me to make it as good as possible, by "repairing" some bad points.

The link :


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I'm not familiar with France's electoral system and domestic politics, so I can't comment on that aspect. However, I can suggest making a game map with thinner borders between the districts. The thick lines right now make it a bit unpleasant to look at for 1-2 hours (the time I usually need to play a full game).

Just take your time with created a good detailed map of France, that's my suggestion.

Besides that I think it looks like an excellent scenario!

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Phil, that error message I get when I try your scenario is the same one I get when I try some of the ones I have created. Wierd................ Do you have to press Enter after every change made in notepad??? Even with careful editing that is quite frustrating. :angry: CAn anyone else offer a solution? :unsure:

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You need to have each separate line separated. As long as you're just editing what already exists on a separate line, you don't have to press 'enter'. One thing high on the list of things to add is more feedback in the program about what exactly is wrong with a scenario (if there is something wrong). This should make you guys' lives easier.


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