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Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2006


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Hi everyone,

A quick update to let you know that Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2006 will be released midnight Thursday (PST).

It runs on the latest game engine, which has been completely rebuilt since the 2004 edition. This new edition also offers several new features that have been developed since the latest title, Chancellor Forever, including:

- At-a-glance 'sausage' graphical representation of seat distribution by nation and region

- More map shading to represent the extent of a party's support in each region

- A tweaked voter flow model

In addition to these enhancements, Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2006 includes a greatly expanded number of official scenarios, parties and candidates. It comes with scenarios for all Canadian federal elections from 1993 through 2006.

PM4E - Canada 2006 will be available at a special upgrade price for existing owners of 80soft products.

Thanks and have a great week!

The 80soft.com Team

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By the way, I know this may not be the best or most appropriate forum in which to note this, but there is an excellent survey article in the latest edition of The Economist about Canada. It's called, "Peace, Order, and Rocky Government - A Survey of Canada." Check it out if you can.

Keith A. Layton

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I am staying up. I am going to get the demo, and if I am pleased I will purchase it.

I am buying either way... I always enjoy the product. Price is more than reasonable. And I don't mind supporting a smaller Canadian software company...

... Plus they put up with me on this board, so really, its the least I can do :P

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