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Which of the following should I make next?  

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  1. 1. Which of the following should I make next?

    • Go back and add more candidates to Protestant Reformation.
    • Go back and add more candidates to World War One.
    • World War Two (Europe)
    • Iron Curtain (50s or 60s Communist Europe.)
    • Asia Map
    • World Map
    • Other (and please specify)

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You should do a future one. Those are always fun.

I've made a few senarios for myself. I havn't posted them cause they have been done, and are really just for my enjoyment.

However, I have been thinking of doing a major one requieing a lot of changes taking place in a future world I set up in a film script I wrote. It would be very hard to do, but would be a lot of fun. With an enormous amount at stake. If people care(if you don't that's fine) I'll tell y'all about it.

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It's based on a war that takes place in the future. A second American Revolution in away. Some of the wars origins lay in an election result.

It is the election of 2028. The United States due to the threat of Terrorism, global disaproval and energy problems has become completely self-sufficent. Isolationism has caused massive changes in the States with regard to the millitary and economy. Most of the larger cities, esspeically on the boarder, and coast are basically fortified to protect the nation.

The Senator from Illinois James Anderson is running for President. He wants to reopen the boarders and rejoin the world so that the corporations can become involved in the world again.

The other man running is General David Noonan. He wants to keep things as they are but completely reshape the way the economy is run. He proposes plans where the millitary controls all aspects of the government and economy. It's moderatly socialist, but the millitary controls everything.

In the film, Noonan loses, and leads a revolution made up of 75% of the millitary, and the majority of the lower classes. However, the senario would not involve this part. And would focus only on the election.

This explanation was quick, and probably not enough to give the entire scope. Also it wil take me a long to to develop.

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thanks man. The most difficult part of the senario would be setting up where certain states stand on the issues. I think I could come up with the issues, but when I do decide to make it I probably will ask for some help and thoughts on some parts of it.

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Actually, the hardcore partisan can be a bad thing. For instance, I live in western Wisconsin, and while I will be voting straight ticket for senate, house, and president (republicans), I will be voting for a democrat for state assembly. Why? Because the democrat will better represent my interests. As you can tell from my post in Iraq, I do lean right of center (almost to the point of falling down), but its good to look at the opposing side, consider their point of view, and, if it best matches your interests, vote in favor of the opposing party.

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Here's what I think I'm going to do... a scenario which is set in the 1700-1760-ish time period, I may or may not pick a specific date. the map includes the Atlantic from the North American east coast, latin american islands, to West Europe (England, France, Spain, Portugal etc...), Northern South America, North-West Africa, and maybe India in it's own little box. The parties will be English, French, Spanish, and Natives (which will be turned off on default but can be turned on for extra difficulty.)

What do you think? Would anyone like to play that or should I just go ahead and choose one of the things I put on the poll?

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