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It is pretty sad that this forum as devolved into threads about farewells and forum feature exclamations.

Get some lives, people, or at least talk about the games.

Must be pretty lonely up there on that pedastool <_< No need to cut the guy down like that, just move on and ignore like the rest of us.

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Guest Christian

Exactly, theres no need to be nasty for the sake of it. He's not looking for a debate on it. If your not interested in the thread then dont look, and if you do then just dont reply.

Remember, if you havent got anything nice or productive to say, then just dont say anything at all.

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it's not like i put it in the political thread, it's in general, where it should be.

The official description of this forum is "General discussion about President Forever".

There is indeed an off-topic forum called "Non-Political" or something like that.

While in this situation, it really does not warrant much attention considering the forum traffic, rampant off-topic and irrelevant blah blah blah

*woo. it's getting late. too tired to finish my bitching :(

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