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No, I'm saying that the adoption system needs to be fixed and we need to figure out how to. I'm not saying who can or can't adopt, I'm saying we need to figure out a way to remove the hoops and remove the biological parents rights, which they forfeit the moment they give up a child in my mind.

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No, you said anyone who wants should be able to adopt until we fix the system. What I'm saying is that the system needs fixing, run it as is until we fix it. This is why I should eventually go into politics...run on the pro-adoption ticket :D

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What are your stances on these issues:

Stem-Cell Research

Kyoto Protocal

Gay Adoption

Congressional Term Limits

Canadian Drug Importation

The VA

Stem-Cell Research should be allowed as it holds the key to curing many diseases. If the fetus is just going to be destroyed or kept in storage forever then there is no harm in allowing them to use it for stem-cell research. LL

Kyoto Protocal We definetly need to work on global warming it is not a myth its a serious issue. L

Gay Adoption. They have the same rights as us, if they wanna raise a family they deserve to.LL

Congressional Term Limits-Not really sure on this one. I think the only office that should have a limit is the presidency. CR??

Canadian Drug Importation- Definetly!! LL

The VA? I think Im going to take a stab at this one ok not sure what you mean. Veterans go to war for us put their lives on the line for us and yet they dont have that great of benefits. We should invest in better healthcare for our veterans and also provide more money for our veterans especially if they were disabled in a foreign war.

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