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Adoption needs to be fixed in the US before we worry about who can/can't adopt. Most people can't adopt in the US, especially if they have children. The govenment has put so many hoops to go through, and given the biological parents so many rights, (that they don't deserve since they gave up the child), that it's extremely difficult to adopt domestically.

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Nope, I didn't say anything on that, I said we need to fix the system first before worrying about that. I'd call for drastic reform of the adoption system. My family's been through 4 adoptions, and they were all international for a reason. Having children already in the home, the US government wants you to be a foster parent. Don't get me wrong, the foster-care system is wonderful compared to orphanages, but my family decided we didn't want any new children in our home unless it was going to be permenant, and a lot of people feel that way.

Stem-Cell Research - I believe that we need to determine the correlation between embryonic stem-cells and adult stem-cells. I'd support the cloning of individual cells, which is a common practice currently in labs using E.coli cultures, using small samples of normal stem-cells of both varieties. If there is no difference, then we need not worry about embryonic stem-cells. I think the studies should first be done with animal stem-cells to determine the comparrisions/contrasts before moving on to human tissue/cells. After which point, take a small, random sampling of already aborted fetuses and use them for stem-cells, starting with the samples they currently have. I abhor abortion and I think the full legalization of stem-cell research WILL lead to certain women getting pregnant for the sole sake of aborting the child to sell cells. Perhaps take embryonic cells from those willing to donate sperm/eggs and form the embryonic cells in lab. I think that's a much more palatable solution to many individuals.

Term Limits - Lame. If the people want someone in office, let them stay in office. I think, though, that ALL redistricting for congressional districts and state elections needs to be done out of each state. If you allow the state legislature to continue redistricting, they'll set it up so that the incumbents keep winning and they all stay in office, of course. It needs to be done out of state.

Canadian Drug Importation - We should only be allowed to import drugs that have FDA approval, period. If our government agency that is supposed to check over drugs doesn't say something's safe, then we shouldn't be importing it for use in the US. I think that's reasonable.

I'll let people guess on my other views...

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I'm sure people won't necessarily agree with me on stem-cell research, but being a biochemical researcher, I understand that there is a need there. Yet, my morals stick with me and I can't support anything that would promote abortion. I think this idea may be a decent compromise. The moment you remove the moral implications from stem-cell research is the moment embryonic stem-cell research can be done in full.

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