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I don't get opposing gay adoption, most studies show that their is no greater chance of a kid being gay if he is raised in a gay household than in a straight one. Take my own family as an example, my gay brother has two kids(legaly adopted!) and they are both married to people of the opposite gender. Where as my nutty right wing christian sister in Oklahoma has two kids and her son is gay(that is why he got kicked out of the house and is now moving in with me!). So their is an example of how the orientaion of the parent does not have an affect, or if it does it is very minimal.

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i'll keep this simple if two gay people decide they want to adopt who is it hurting? it isn't hurting the child it isn't hurting the two gay people, and it doesn't really effect the rest of us my life won't change if two gay people wanna adopt as a matter of fact if they are good parents they might help society

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