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I thought of some good ideas:

  • How about you can choose more than one scenario and when you finish the first, you go onto the second, and so on. But, the winner runs against whoever you choose. And if you run as Ralph Nader and get 5% of the vote, the second time you get more money, supporters, and party establishment.
  • How about you get more/less momentum or support depending on how you react to a story. Example: "Bush hit with pie!", but Bush happily laughs when it happens, so his integrity and support/momentum goes up.
  • Being able to click on a story and read a quick story. Example: "Kerry rolling on in Colorado" AP- Senator John Kerry greeted supporters to while campaining in Colorado with Attorney General Ken Salazar. " He just gives me hope. I have been unemployed for two years, and feel betrayed by Bush" said Gus Baker, a former computer technecian who was fired by a company that outsourced his job.(Kerry, +1 to momentum, Profile +5, Bush -1 to momentum, Profile +1. Kerry gets boost in polls)
  • How about PACs can make the news. Example: "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth PAC Attacks Kerry's War Record" or "George Soros Spends Five Million on More Anti-Bush Ads" or "NRA Attacks Kerry, Nader, Praises Bush for Lackluster Gun Control"
  • How about a Third- Party Debate?
  • How about polls that break down your support? Example: Kerry: 89% of Democrats, 15% of Republicans, 40% of Independents
  • Being able to protest something as a third-party candidate. Example ( If in the nex President Forever you can have more than 4 parties) : Green Party's Cobb and Libertarian's Badnarik protest exclusion from debate.
  • Being able to campaign for Senate and House candidates. Example: Kerry campaigns for Obama, Bush campaigns for DeLay.

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I actually think that your first idea IS a good idea!!! Now we can actually build a third party instead of winning the 3 or 4% and then going back to square one again.

Being able to protest something as a third-party candidate. Example ( If in the nex President Forever you can have more than 4 parties) : Green Party's Cobb and Libertarian's Badnarik protest exclusion from debate.

Being able to campaign for Senate and House candidates. Example: Kerry campaigns for Obama, Bush campaigns for DeLay.  

Hmmm. Well, for these two ideas, I'm not so sure we would want or need more than 2 third-parties. The fact of the matter is, for better or for worse, third parties are pretty weak in American politics and no party outside of Nader/Green and the Liberatarians have a chance of cracking 1%

Having more than 2 third parties one would think that we would have to give them more than 1% since I don't think we're going to have the game measure something like 0.1% and they would probably end up with 4 or 5% when the election is over, which is highly unrealisitic.

More than 2 third parties, I feel, would have too much influence in the game when in actuality most third parties do not.

As for House and Senate campaigns, that sounds like a really good idea except there would have to be some type of advantage for doing so. Such as maybe the game has a "Senate Watch" poll where the candidates see which Senate seats are close and they can go to those states. Perhaps strong, popular senators that are more popular in their states than the Presidential candidate, thinking Robert Byrd in West Virginia, Fritz Hollings in South Carolina or John McCain in Arizona, can help out the Presidential nominee as well!

The incentive for the player to get involved in Senate politics could be one of these 3 things I thought up:

1. The Senate gives the player an extra bonus, ie higher score, if they win the election.

2. The Senate decides the election in case of a tie. Yes, I know the House does this, but I was trying to think of an incentive for the player to be involved in Senate races.

3. Or ....we could just appeal to the desires of most players to have the most realistic game possible and just say, "Well, if you were really President Bush or Senator Kerry, you would most certainly try to help out your fellow Republicans/Democrats get elected!!"

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Well, if someone could come up with a way to construct the abilities of third parties along that of those in President Elect, that'd help a lot. It's not uncommon to get a third party not break 5% in a single state in that game, and the engine did a decent job of simulating their weaknesses...now, if only that game could be retrofitted with primaries and more candidates, but the same system, I'd love it...


President Forever is the best thing, honestly, since then. Best thing since the mid-80s. Which is impressive. If only minor parties could be kept in that zone of <500,000 votes as a rule (when lacking in an especially strong candidate), it'd make the game really realistic.

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Here's a good example that I just ran (with the AI taking all three candidates, and all other things being historical):

Reagan-Mondale-McGovern '84

Reagan/GOP: 535 EVs; 55,035,112 votes

Mondale/DEM: 3 EVs; 35,292,080 votes

McGovern/IND: 0 EVs; 321,943 votes

Returns like this make sense...a similar scenario in President Forever would net 1-3% for McGovern, which would translate into 1,000,000-2,000,000 votes. This little detail is extremely helpful in setting up realistic scenarios.

Here's another one from '84, once again all being historical except the third-party introduction:


Reagan/GOP: 535 EVs; 55,795,584 votes

Mondale/DEM: 3 EVs; 34,869,576 votes

Helms/IND: 0 EVs; 347,988 votes

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the first idea is almost like setting up a "career" mode (like Franchise mode in Madden). each election could introduce new younger candidates while the current ones get 4 years older (experience, but more age too). but like in Madden, would be AI "create" the new candidates each time (we might know who it will be the couple times by looking at the current landscape and have most of them set in, but what about 20 years from now - if it goes that long)?

if the 3rd parties do well in a couple states, they could start branching out on their grass roots.

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just thinking - the career mode wouldn't just be fun for the 3rd parties. If playing as one of the majors, you would have to look ahead to see who you'd back in the next election. The VP, the actor turned Gov., the Speaker of the House (or house minority leader), the up & coming populist, prominent business leader, Popular General from a recent war, etc. etc.????

not sure what kind of activities could be done to help them to get established (maybe selected as a Crusader? speaker at the convention? )

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