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Undecided and none variables

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When editing a scenario (in this case the standard 2004 scenario), the undecided is 20% and the none is 0%. First of all, what does the none represent?

I modified the undecided to 35%, and the committed to 70% for each region. To my surprise, the polls started with about 30-35% for the 2 candidates, and by the end of the 6 weeks, the overall poll showed only 65% for the 2 candidates with 0% undecided. Does (committed + undecided + none) have to equal 100%?

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Well, I figured it out - "none" means that percentage of voters just don't vote. I had put every state at none = 35%, when I had meant to put none =0% and undecided at 35%.

The only issue I have with the none variable is that it doesn't seem to be necessary for the game. In any election, there will always be a certain percentage of people who do not vote - but the polls do not reflect this "none" group of voters. The percentages displayed are for people likely to vote. The game should simply ignore these "none" voters.

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interesting thought. the amount negative campaigning shoud be a determing factor in turning off voters. Negative keeps your opponent voters at home, while positive brings yours to the polls. (or negative turns them undecided - and they might stay that way and stay at home unless given a good enough reason to vote for you)

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