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Martin would probably try a government and fail, I would think. He would also "retire" as Liberal leader (In MacLean's after the election, it was revealed that there was some requirements for Martin to retain leadership, one was he had to get over 120 seats). Harper would probably do a "government clean up" campaign and some decentralisation measures with the Bloc. SSM probably would have passed with a free vote that Harper promised. Missile defense would not have happened.

And the next election would be relativly soon, probably with John Manley as the next Liberal leader.

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Uhh, how did the Greens get three seats? In run-throughs I do they're lucky to very rarely get one.

And four indies? Which four? (Cadman, Devine, the other Sask. guy...who else?)

For the Greens, you must DESTROY Harper and Layton in BC. Run attack ads on them, but only there. The other 2 independents were probably Spencer and Pankiw.

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