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There's the problem of representing accurately the variations of the electorate that occur between elections, depending on the government's actions and media coverage and other factors. In fact, elections can at most change a party's support by more or less 3%, it's rare it goes over.

It's interesting, but it would be too hard and difficult to make an unbiased one. For example, how are we to estimate a party's success or not in government? Rightists are going to want left-wing parties who make governments to crash and burn economically and in other sectors, while leftists are going to want right-wing governments to do horribly socially and in other sectors. How are we to decide? That's just one of the questions that the programmers would have to answer.

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just dont change while in government.

I realize that it's unrealistic, but what can you do.

Make a randomizer that generates a new national poll every quarter, and ask the Prime Minister (if a person) if they wish to call the election now or not. It's like playing the stock market, they could call it when they are high in the polls. Make certain they know that if they call an election before 3.5 years they can expect a hit at the polls, unless they are in a minority. For minorities, make a 1-in-8 chance that it's brought down each quarter.

when the next election does start, use the new polling numbers and have the game apply those numbers to all existing provinces. Give each incumbent a 5% advantage or something, etc. Make 25% of all sitting MP's retire, and generate some random new names to replace them with Make only 10% of the losing candidates run for a second term. If somehow possible, make the MP who shares the name with the Party Leader remain on, etc.

I dunno

just an idea

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I like Pellaken's ideas a lot. Sure, it would be a lot of work but it would really take this game to the next level. You'd have to randomize which issues get hotter or colder over time, scandals, and the government's raise and decline in popularity but it would be do-able. It would actually give the Cons and NDP a reason to campaign in Quebec (to build for future elections).

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I'll just chime in and say that, however it was done, I'd be really interested in this. A lot of countries are going through a lot of political upheaval right now (reformed Labour in Britain, the wipeout and possible return of the Conservatives in Canada via Reform, the apparently growing power of the Lib-Dems and Greens in the UK and Canada respectively). Having, say, five linked elections that let you try to come from nothing to a strong voice would be really interesting.

I'd be particularly interested in being able to start a new party altogether and try to turn it into something. Among other things I've had this hankering to build a "Block Ontario" on the BQ model and see what would happen :)

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Block Ontario? That would be funny indeed!

This idea (not the Block, the rest I mean, lol) is very interesting indeed, and would truly bring the game to the next level, as it was said.

Not sure if Tony would be interested in making a game that complicated tho...

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I agree. I really feel that a "Politician Forever" game or a career mode would really take this game to the next level and I would not mind paying for it at all. In fact, I'd purchase it in a heartbeat.

I agree with Pellaken that we would need some kind of randomization generator to make the game fresh and interesting each time you play it and not show any biases towards any of the parties. I would love to either grow a 3rd party or try to maintain one of the big parties (or dominate with one of them :D )

We could perhaps either have roles as Party Chairpersons where we would guide our party in general, select the strategy, decide what ideological course to take, what the platform should be, pick candidates to run in certain areas, guide them, and try to grow the party


We could have more of "Politician Forever" mode where you are one politician that is either a party leader already or for a greater challenge, a lesser known politician in his first race trying to work his way from the bottom up and become a big shot in party politics.

Maybe there is a way to fit both aspects into the game?

Another exciting aspect, I think, would be to see different factions of your supporters represented in the game and have them react to any of the policy decisions you or your party takes. For example, since I'm from the US I'm going to speaking from an American perspective here, we could have US-Israeli policy affect the party's standing among Jewish voters, Affirmative Action on African-Americans, Same-Sex Marriage on gays, Social Security on Senior Citizens, Education on women and younger voters, and so on.

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This makes me think of "Crisis at the Kremlin", game that you can find at http://www.the-underdogs.org/

In this game you are leader of the Kremlin and must face the different crisis that happen (ex: Chernobyl), while making sure that all the factions don't get to upset.

What you are suggesting Directd is similar a bit, but obviously would be much better.

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When I heard about the game of Prime Minister Forever, my first thoughts were that this game would have a 'Career Mode' already as alluded to in the title. Unfortunately, it's not really PM Forever but more like PM for the 30 seconds it takes you to look over the results of the election..before the game ends. :unsure:

'Career Mode' would be the next logical step in developing this game as Prime Mininsters can govern for as long as they can hold power, or until they retire. It's not really useful for the President Forever version as they have terms limits, but then I am not interested in running an American election, being from Canada. I am looking to play a Canadian Election campaign simulation of which this game is one of a very few on the market, as opposed to the numerous simulations based on the American election.

Mind you, a proper 'Career Mode' (after the election has been won), should also include 1) a function to create news, thru researching an issue to float as a trial balloon, 2) a way to enact legislation on the platform you ran on, providing you have enough votes in the House, 3) a function to negotiate deals with the Provinces, ie HealthCare; Equalization Payments, a devolution of Federal powers back to the Provinces as per the Constitution of the country. (HealthCare, Education, is purely in Provincial jurisdiction).

Also a function to appoint Senators (or the Provincially elected senator as in EEE), Supreme Courts Justices (from a list of appointees perhaps) and perhaps rulings from the SCC which would inherently affect your governance.

At any rate a 'career mode' would enhance game play immeasurably as the game would take weeks to play instead of one hour. :blink:

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