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UN Security Council 2003

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I've been working off and on on this scenario for a while now, and I think it's aproaching completion... It's february-march 2003, and there's three options being debated (via 3+1 parties):

Invasion: Bush/Blair or Blair/Bush

Inspections: Chirac/Shroeder or Shroeder/Chirac

Innocence: Saddam Hussein w/ (i think) al-Said

Indecesion: this party automatically wins 33 electoral votes, creating the requirement that 9 of 15 countries and all 5 pernament members must support any decesion made, otherwise "Indecision" wins... (and thus the "COTW" invades unilaterally)

I had a few other candidates for the main two parties but i think it was a bit unnecesary... It's a really hard game, but i think it has to be... each party has enough non-pernament members starting off (except Saddam, he's only slightly strong in Syria) and the focus is winning the US/UK or the France/Russia/China blocks without losing the "home" block... i think i'm going to make the starting % a bit closer so it's more competitve (and less realistic) so that one can actually win... and maybe once it's finished make an alternate "easy" version, where you don't need as many countries to win (perhaps justa simple majority of countries)...

one thing i need is a few pro-war crusaders for Blair (bush is done)... and some more anti-war pro-inspection crusaders...

and does anyone think i should add more people to be played as... I was thining Howard Dean and Charles Kennedy might be good for Inspections as they'd have home advantage to try to win US and UK... were there any stronly pro-invasion French, German, Russian leaders?

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