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Strongest 3rd Party Finishes


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I started this topic because I feel that there aren't enough topics on this subforum. I think it'd be better if we had a few topics rather than one long one.

Settings I've used:

Regionalism: Yes

Economy: Yes

Spies: Yes (though I don't use them)

Fog of War: Yes

Dynamism: No (I shudder at how outrageous my electoral victories would be if I allow myself to have this on...they're already big as is)

My top 4 third-party campaigns (in reverse chronological order):

Edwards 2012 (Democratic Split - 2012) - Blue, October 16, 2005


Perot 1992 (The Power of Perot) - Green, October 15, 2005


LaFollette 1924 (Coolidge vs Davis - 1924) - Yellow, September 18, 2005


The only third-party candidacy I tried where the 3rd party candidate didn't have much money...LaFollette. I don't think I can win this without dynamism...he doesn't have much money at all.

Theodore Roosevelt 1912 (1912mm) - Green, October 15, 2005


My primary strategy with this is negative campaigning against either the lead candidate (Edwards 2012, LaFollette 1924), or both the top two (in the case of Teddy Roosevelt and LaFollette), then add a bit of positive campaigning to increase that advantage. Works wonders.

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For all four of them, I spun as many scandals as I could against the strongest candidate. With Perot, I'd switch off between Clinton and Bush, and I used one of the negative ads against Dean in the 2012 scenario. I also would launch negative ads that would launch simultaneously with a scandal being spun, while also a positive ad. With this combo, I was able to do a lot of damage...a lot of negative publicity for my opponent plus a lot of positive for me simultaneously. It didn't work so well with LaFollette since I didn't have the kind of money to do ads, but I took one state after another with foot soldiers, and scandals against Coolidge. I also added a few % with the "ad cheat", using similar ads to what I run during the election season.

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You start out with about 11 states in The Wedge. I haven't tried The Driver yet, so I'm not sure about that one.

I just played The Wedge - 2008 with default settings (Everything on except for Dynamism and default candidates) as the Progressives (Bob Kerrey). This is what I got:


I'll try The Driver later. Looks interesting...is it a continuation of the same storyline?

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Thanks, Cap!

I'm starting to play scenarios without the "ad cheat", negative ads, and scandals. It just feels too easy being able to have negative campaigning, but even without it, I still win by quite a bit on the 2004 scenario for both Bush and Kerry. Hmm...

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