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Hey Everyone,

I'm trying to create a scenario about town supervisor and I keep getting a pop up that says Democratic is not a valid interger. I check all the folders that I would put numbers into andd all of them have numbers, I am confused on what to do. :huh: Also I get a pop up on other scenarios that says cannot open file c/ etc.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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You may have accidently removed a number from one of the files. In region_variables, for example, if you have one less 'none' in the coordinates area, it will look down for that 'none', and may use 'Democratic' instead. There has to be 10 lines in the coordinates part. Check the scenario file too and make sure the election dates are all there too.

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The list index out of bounds (-1) error can be several things. A party has not been properly renamed in the party file, a candidate starts in a region that doesn't exist(10 regions, candidate starts in region 15), and the same for the vice-presidential candidate.

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