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All the Ward information is in. I put each ward as having 60,000 because that was the target, but in reality each one had about one thousand more over or under, but that shoudlnt effect much because it comes down to turnout. Next up is issues. I simulated it as it is now and the results were nearly identical to the real election, although I dont have a map.

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I have nearly completed a map and have completed ward data for the 1983 primary. Once this is done, the 1983 general election, 87 primary, and 87 general would be easy to do.

Right now Im using a map that uses a lot of artistic licenses, becasue on the web I can only find the current ward map. What Im doing is kind of combing the two, using present data for the wards that havent changed much and free hand drawing the old 1980's wards where major changes have occured. If any of you wish to make your own 1980's map or 1990's one for future scenarios Id be most appreciative.

Learning more about 1980's Chicago ward politics than I ever wanted to know.

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