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Errors in custom scenerio...

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If anyone has any idea on what the problem is here, please give me some advice...

Error 1:

"access violation at address 0040DE91 in module 'p2e.exe'. Read of address 00000054."

Error 2:

"Error in adbox::getNumAdMaking"

Error 3:

"List index out of bounds (-1)"

If anyone has any advise, please. Thank you very much.

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Cant help you on these but would also like to know what the heck the 'Out of Bounds' deal is all about. I kept getting this one repeatedly @ time I tried to reload and play my Doonesbury election game after my system crashed a few months ago. Happens @ time I try to do anything after starting a game. Finally had to take it off my system which I hated as I enjoyed the game, it wont run on my XP or on my older computer with Windows 98, same message on @. I get this message also on PF once in awhile but I click ESC and then it goes away and no harm done. I cannot find anything re this in any reference for my systems, please anybody have any idea what this is??

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