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1840 election

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K, as some of you know, in 1840 Martin Van Buren was walked all over by William Henry Harrison due to the collapse of the economy in 1837 (thanks in large part to Jackson's specie cuirae order). I've taken the liberty of creating an alternative reality scenario wherein Van Buren decides against running for a second term and the whigs have yet to reunify. As a result, The Great Triumverate of American History (Calhoun, Webster, and Clay) all run for president. But, to mix things up, the Democrats have also splintered, with Lloyd Benton of Missouri has also been added into the mix, leading a westward coalition. It is possible to win as all four candidates, and the scenario is completely done. BUT, I havent posted it yet because i built 3 or 4 other candidates for each party and am waiting for the primaries expansion to make it a bit more interesting. While I'm waiting, I thought id give a slight overview and open my baby up for critiques before p4+p gets online.



National Bank





Foreign Policy


Independent Treasury

Popular Sovereignty



Slavery Expansion

States Rights


Financial Policy


Worker's Wages



John Calhoun (SC), James Polk (TN), Martin Van Buren (NY) William H. Macy (NY)

Northern Whigs

Daniel Webster (MA), William Seward (NY), Edward Everett (MA), John Bell (TN)


Henry Clay (KY), William Henry Harrison (OH)

Liberty (Democrat Split)

Thomas Benton (MO), James Birney

As a side note, many thanks to the creator of the 1844 scenario for greatly reducing the amount of work I had to do.

Any comments and suggestions will be appreciated (along with CONSTRUCTIVE snide remarks).



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