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My newest alternate history scenerios

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Hi Everyone!

I'm a 17 year old Democrat from California and I made the "First Confederate Election - 1866" scenario and a few others on the site (Bryan vs. Taft 1908, and Harrison vs. Cleveland 1888). There! I had to make a small plug for myself. :D

I love alternate history and want to I keep making scenarios. Did everyone like the scenarios I've made so far? Let me know, because I want to know if you want more or if I'm creating really boring ones that nobody uses.

I just submitted one called "Soviet Invasion - 1964" Where the western U.S. is occupied by Russia because of an invasion during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and J.F.K. is never assassinated allowing him to run for a 2nd term.

I've also got one I've been holding off because I want to know if anyone is even interested in it. It's called "Texas - 1992" and it's a "What if Texas had never joined the union and stayed an independent nation?" scenario. It has George H.W. Bush going against Ross Perot. Let me know if this one interests anyone and I'll post it!

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Hi broadwayboy87, you get two thumbs way up for the scenarios you made! You beat me on posting the first Confederate scenario (mine has been sent in for the next posting :) ). I have found all your scenarios a pleasure to play! The Texas 1992 sounds great and the Soviet Invasion - 1964 does too. Keep up the great work. :D

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You beat me also in getting the CSA Scenario up, good job. If you had modeled the election after the guns of the South then Davis should not have been considered or Jackson for that matter. But I realize the what if and creativity is to be used and I applaud you on making a good scenario.

Now, your "USSA" & "Texas" are great ideas! I'll look forward to seeing them!



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