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2008 American Confederation

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I've been kicking this idea around for a few days. Basically I looked at the Canadian paty structure (right, center-left, left, and secessionist) and it got me thinking of what that would translate to in America. Here's the scenario description I came up with:

After a polarizing second term under President Bush, America seems more divided than ever. After having failed to recapture Congress in 2006, the Democrats have lost many disaffected liberals to the rising Green Party. But the Republicans haven't been helped either, as a large number of moderate Democrats and conservative Republicans from the South have moved to the Southern Independence Party in response to a surge of Southern nationalism. Will the South finally rise again? Could America become an eco-friendly socialist state? Could the Democrats finally manage to regain power? Or will the Republicans pull of yet another victory?

Obviously this is super-hypothetical and I truly hope the South would never secede again...but its a game after all. The Democrats would have to guard their left flank against the Greens who could manage to score an upset while at the same time the Republicans would have to try and keep the secessionists from stealing their most important region.

I guess what I'm looking for is some input on candidates and issues. Right now I'm doing the electorate trends and once I have some issues finalized I'll make a few candidates (probably four or five per party). What do you guys think?

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Democrats (mainy centrist third way types, as others left for the Green Party):

Senator Evan Bayh

Senator Blanche Lincoln

Governor Bill Richardson

Senator Ben Nelson (not Bill)

Ken Salazar or Kathleen Kathleen Sebelius, Mike Easley

Republicans: All sorts, just not southern

Senator Rick Santorum

Governor Bill Owens

Senator Sam Brownback

Governor Tim Pawlenty

Senator John Thune (might be big by than, just kind of as a different candidate to the usual)

Greens: Liberal Dems, and all of us who are already here

Governor Howard Dean

Senator Bernie Sanders

David Cobb

Barbara Boxer

Barak Obama (pleas, can we have him!)

Southerners who want out:

Zell Miller

Johnny Isakson

Trent Lott

George Allen

Richard Shelby

Names my not be right, but I think it’s a good group

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Thanks everyone! I'm noting the suggestions and combining them with my own evil plans. Here's my current candidate list:

Republicans: (a bit more moderate than the current GOP, since a lot of the conservatives are from the South)

+John McCain

+Rudy Giuliani

+Sam Brownback

+John Thune

+Mitt Romney

+Bill Frist

+Rick Santorum

Democrats: (likewise a bit more moderate)

+Evan Bayh

+Bill Richardson

+Blanche Lincoln

+Ben Nelson

+John Kerry

+Joe Biden

+Jane Napolitano

Greens: (no Nader, I think almost everyone is tired of him at this point)

+Howard Dean

+Barbara Boxer

+Dennis Kucinich

+Russ Feingold

+Al Gore

+Gavin Newsom

+Barack Obama

Southerners: (ideological mix all committed to independence)

+George Allen

+Richard Shelby

+Roy Moore

+John Ashcroft

+Kathleen Blanco

+John Edwards

+Mike Easley

This list is subject to alteration of course. What about issues? Oh and where should I put Hillary Clinton do you think? My guess is that the idealist in her would want to go with the Greens while the pragmatist would stay with the Democrats.

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I think even for Obama too.

I concur, as I said earlier. And I think maybe I'd take Edwards back and keep him with the Dem's, kind of like their version of Bill Frist/Andrew Johnson (only without the despot desires :rolleyes: ), but Blanco would still stay maybe still POed about Katrina, and thus want to leave the US.

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I love it, though one complaint: Gavin Newsom would never be accepted by the Green Party. He's a DLC democrat all the way.

I think even for Obama too.

No! We want Obama! :P:D

I concur, as I said earlier. And I think maybe I'd take Edwards back and keep him with the Dem's, kind of like their version of Bill Frist/Andrew Johnson (only without the despot desires  :rolleyes: ), but Blanco would still stay maybe still POed about Katrina, and thus want to leave the US.

I agree. I really douibt Edwards would leave the Democrats for the SIP. (though they can have him if the Greens get Cate Edwards. and by the greens I mean myself. :ph34r::lol: )

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I've noted all these suggestions. Hillary is with the Democrats and is their default candidate. Progressivedem, I agree now about Edwards he would make a good counterbalance to the Southern Party for the Dems (along with Lincoln). I'm going to have to take a look at Obama's (rather scant) voting record in order to determine his politics a little better.

I did a few test runs with the four default candidates (McCain, Clinton, Dean, Allen). Specifically one as Allen and one as McCain. McCain won both times but when I ran as Allen it went to Congress (which is all tied up). The Greens don't seem to have much impact right now so I'll probably have to give them a boost. Also these are the issues I have now:


Affirmative Action

Balanced Budget


Church and State



Free Trade

Gun Control

Same-Sex Marriage



Public Health Care

Renewable Energy

Social Security

Southern Independence



Other than the Green weakness, it seems pretty balanced thus far as either of the two major parties have a shot at winning while the other two have a long shot. The South is basically a three way split between the SIP, Republicans, and Democrats with slight advantages depending on the state. Some of the hard-core liberal states have been made closer due to the Green vote too. So the basic strategies for each party appear to boil down to this:

Republicans - Retake the South from the SIP and cut into the swing states.

Democrats - Crush the Greens in order to secure the Pacific and New England and attack the Republicans in the South in order to win those states

Greens - Haven't tried it yet, but I would guess that a Green player would want to cut into the Democratic vote and overtake them in the liberal states enough to assemble 270 votes or throw it to Congress

Southern - Win enough states and do enough damage to both of the two major parties outside the South in order to produce a three-way split in the electoral college, forcing the election to Congress

I'll put up a few screenies when I have some...want to get more candidates in first though.

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