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Pennsylvania Gubernational

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I am making a Pennsylvania scenario about when Ed Rendell runs for re-election against Pat Tomey. I have only one issue: Gambling. Can anybody help?

These are the candidates:

Democratic-Ed Rendell

Republican- Pat Tomey or Tom Ridge

Constitution- Jim Clymer

Others- Unknown.

Can anyone think of a fourth candidate?

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Isn't it spelled Toomey? I don't mean to nitpick, but it bothers me when otherwise well researched scenarios have mistakes like that.

How exactly are you planning to make the scenario work in the context of the game?

A great site to take the pulse of PA politics is www.politicspa.com.

I know Chris Heinz is probably going to run for Congress in 2006, but you could have him as an independent sort of candidate for governor. I could also see John Street, mayor of Philly, going off on his own.

I don't know how silly you want to get with the issues, but you could do one where the candidates have to support either the Eagles or the Steelers :P

Good luck, I look forward to it.

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