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Trying to get perfect with Duceppe without fudging

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I control all four human players and turn Martin into an ultra-federalist fascist but otherwise do nothing with him all game and make Layton and Harper run huge attack campaigns in Quebec against Martin, while Duceppe runs a positive campaign and goes around canvassing in places like Westmount and Pierrefonds.

I still can't nudge Mont-Royal from the Liberals though, no matter how much I rig the election in Duceppe's favour (even though I can easily take places like Westmount and St. Leonard.) and turn Martin into the second coming of Adolf Hitler.

Any tips to crush Cotler without changing the stats?

I've gotten to 36- 30 in favour of the Fiberals.

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I have won Mount Royal with the Conservatives, it was close 32% CPC 31% Liberals 29% Bloc and 8% NDP. I hit the riding with alot of ads and Harper visited it three times during the campaign. It also helped that the NDP and Bloc (computer players) continually attacked the Liberals. So it is not impossible! :)

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There are provincial ridings in Montréal who give 70-80+% majorities to the Liberals, why should you even be surprised when, whatever you do, you can't get them to turn blue federally(no, not conservative blue, the good blue). This is the "cochon rouge" rule (the general opinion is that you could paint a pig red and have him as a candidate for the Liberals in many West-Montréal ridings and the Liberals would still win).

Or, like hardright just said, try thinking "division of the vote", get conservatives in that riding as strong as possible and vote-splitting may get a bloquiste elected.

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