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Stop being Biased

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Hello my Friends, I notice and played alot of nice Scenario's out at the moment but, I come across some of which where the maker is simply showing their choice of Poltical Parties.

In my opinion the Scenario's would be alot more fun to play if they were made unbiased & based on actual stats or at least close too. If anyone needs stats of where the ppl from all the states stand as far as Political Party wise. I would be happy to provide them they range from June 67 to Oct 04 they are stats I use to correct the scenario's that are biased.

Its just my opinion though,I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes!!! :wacko:

Thanks Multitude

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Yes, please do and also explain how they are biased. Politically I am a proud progressive, however I try my very best to make sure my scenarios are not only fair and realistic but also enjoyable with both sides (the center-left and center-right) to have a good chance of winning the election.

In fact, in the only scenario I've created, "King of New York Metro" if there's any advantage, it's towards the Republicans as it should be since NY-NJ Republicans are more moderate than their Democratic counterparts are.

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Well I hope I didn't cause any friction for my remark pertaining to being biased,it was not my intent. I was merly making a suggestion on the matter.

I'm not going to single out anyone's scenario directly or indrectly cause its not my style nor any of my business how people make there scenario. I was just giving my opinion on the matter.

Perhaps I should have worded it {Stop being Biased} in a way, where one couldn't mistake it for being hostile or judgemental.

Sorry to those who were offended

Thanks Multitude

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