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New Canadian Scenario

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Has anyone else had an utterly horrible experience with the new Canadian scenario?

While I like the fact that the parties start with more money, especially the NDP, it is now almost unplayable. The Liberals almost always win a majority government, often a 200+ seat monstrosity. While pre united Right, pre Adscam, this might have been possible, it isn't now.

More disturbingly, the NDP is always all but wiped out. I campaigned my ass off as Jack Layton, and I won 3 bloody seats. Jack Layton, Ed Broadbent, and Alexa Mcdonough all failed to win their seats.

And the parties are incabable of making good ads. At one point both the Conservatives and the Liberals were running attack ads against me (NDP), and Harper ran anti-Bloc ads in every province and territory. He never once ran anti-Martin ads.

Until this is fixed, I'll go back to the old PMF and give the parties more money.

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