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Saskatchewan Decides - 2003


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A new scenario is now up:

"Saskatchewan Decides - 2003" - Canada 2003, by Chris Colbow

You can go to the Prime Minister Forever Updates/Scenarios page to download this scenario.

Please note: this is a third-party scenario - 80soft did not make this scenario.

The 80soft.com Team

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Good graphics, good attributes for the party leaders, but I think the platform positions are odd, for example the "waiting list" issue seems to advantage very much the right-wing side. And, curiously, the Liberals, in my two "hands-off" games, seem always to end up with big results, sometimes ending up as the second party in importance. It seems to me that the two main parties are too radical in their platforms, making them too easy targets, whilst the Liberals should not have a 5 in "party establishment", perhaps a 4 or a 3, to represent their reduced membership, the perception that they are not running for government and lack of organization. By default, a third party given a 5 in establishment will always end up as stronger than it should be as I noticed earlier in my tests with my Québec scenarios.

Sorry for being nitpicky.

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Well, I don't want to be left out of the updating your scenario thing. Any suggestions for changing 2003 would be nice. I've already changed the liberals and i'm working on the 'waiting lists' platform. I know I have to re-release this anyway - I found one big-ass error that I should've caught. I'm going to release it again with several other Prairie scenarios, including Sask. 2003, 1991, 1982, and 1944, Manitoba 1995, and, if I can get permission from the original creator, 2003 with some changes. Whoever finds the correct error(quite an oxymoron) in Sask 2003 will get to have the Prairie pack first - before I send it in.

Not all at once, now. ;)

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